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Do you have a message that you want to get out?

Do you want to publish a book but feel stuck because:

You don’t have enough time to write

Your writing abilities don’t allow you to express your ideas in the best way

You find yourself struggling with writer’s block and not writing consistently

Many would-be authors are overwhelmed by the publishing process

and keep postponing their projects.

If you feel like you have an amazing book in you

but have been putting it off for too long, ghostwriting is your best option.

Become a Published Author with Iris Content
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We all have life experiences to share and stories to tell. Maybe you want to promote your business expertise or explore deep personal topics. In either case, you need a professionally-written that you can sell. Our ghostwriters will take your knowledge, ideas, and experience and turn them into a well-structured, engrossing work with flawless formatting and a cover that stands out. We even offer an email and social media promotion package. From initial concept to launch, we will write, edit, design, publish and promote the book you envisioned. Your book will be published on Amazon in Kindle format, as well in paperback format if you want. Ghostwriting is the time-saving solution that helps you organize your ideas and give a strong voice to your story. Hiring a ghostwriter allows you to complete your book project within a relatively short timeframe, whereas it could take you months or even years if you worked on it on your own. Your story deserves to be told – it’s time to bring it to life.


Don’t know what story you want to tell? We got you covered.


Our talented pens will handle everything for you


Everything is covered, down to the Amazon listing and price setup

Why Write a Book?

Publishing a book under your name and becoming an author will help you: Establish yourself as an expert in your field Share your journey and inspire others Help people overcome issues you went through Make money from your experiences Get access to more business opportunities If there’s a topic that’s important to you, you can be sure that other people will find it important as well. Writing a book allows you to pass down your insights to society at large and be remembered for your contribution.

Why Choose Iris Content?

Here is why you will love working with us:

Our responsive team guides you throughout the process and keeps you updated Our experienced writers can tackle diverse subjects and do thorough research We offer affordable rates – you get your book written without spending a fortune We take care of the entire process, from concept to publishing and promotion   Learning how to write a book is a long and difficult process. Many who start writing books don’t get to finish them. Hiring a ghostwriter allows you to leverage her experience, skills, and time. You will publish your book in the short term so you can reach your goals faster and move on to further ventures.

We can help you with the following nonfiction genres:


Memoirs and autobiographies

Self-help books

Business books


And more!  


Our ghostwriting services


Interviews with the client

Full book concept and outline

Professional writing with a compelling voice

Professional editing and proofreading

Formatting for Kindle and paperback

Book and cover design

Publishing in Kindle Direct

Publishing and Amazon Paperback On Demand

Comprehensive email and social media promotion package

Recently Launched: The Path to No Pain by Cecilia Collar

In her book, Cecilia relates her long struggle with Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS), and how she learned the psychological reasons behind her chronic pain. She shares an unorthodox approach to pain management and explains techniques she used herself to treat her TMS and live a healthy life, whereas pills and muscle therapies had failed before. Cecilia Collar: I’m so thankful for Annie at Iris Content whose editing skills and genius made this book possible. The universe put her on my path; I listened

The Step-by-Step Process to Ghostwriting Your Book

Together we will go through a smooth and flexible process and work closely with you to write down your story exactly as you imagine it. See the steps below:

  1. You contact us with details about your projects
  2. We interview you to learn more about you and your book
  3. We create the book’s concept and outline, which you get to approve
  4. We send you the book chapters one by one for approval and changes
  5. We edit, proofread, design the book, and create the cover
  6. We publish your book in Kindle format (and paperback on demand)
  7. We help you promote the book with a comprehensive email and social media promotion package

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own the full rights to the book? Yes! We provide entirely ghostwritten material, which means that you own all rights to your book and are free to exploit it in any way you wish. The book is your own and only you will be credited for it.

How long will it take to get my book published? The process takes 30 days minimum. That said, we can take into account time-sensitive goals and deadlines.

Can you make a hard copy format of my book? Yes, we can provide a paperback version of your book on demand.

How much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter? The cost for ghostwriting services vastly varies depending on factors like the length of the book, the complexity of the subjects discussed, the expertise of the ghostwriter and more. However, at Iris Content we make it a priority to keep our writing services affordable for all clients. Contact us with details about your project and we’ll give you a quote based on the work’s scope.

Is ghostwriting unethical? Absolutely not. Ghostwriting is completely ethical because the ideas and stories in your book are you own. We simply help you put them into words and assist you with the publishing process. Many authors hire ghostwriters because otherwise, they would not be able to complete their books due to time, health, or skills.

Creative Team

Our creative team is here to help you throughout your journey. We will select the best suited ghostwriter for your project and control quality on your deliverables.
Annie Ianko

Annie Ianko

Creative Director

Kate Blake

Kate Blake

Chief Editor

Dawn Geske

Dawn Geske

Writing Consultant



We help you decide which package is your best fit. If you need a customized price, you can always contact our team for a package made just for you!

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