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Internet trends may be changing every day, search engine quality rules can get modified every month, your business’ needs will basically stay the same: no matter what you do with your web content, you need to make sure it sells online.

The old and new rule of marketing content: to convince and convert

Creating content that sells doesn’t necessarily mean you have to come up with clickbait sales pages that will continuously tell readers why your services are awesome. Consider putting together work that helps generate awareness and eventually bring in new leads. This type of content will not be directly self-promotional. You can use it to address issues related to your industry, tackle topics that will entice readers to follow your social media, look for site and blog updates, consider you as the go-to expert of your industry.

What kind of web content does your site need?

To put it shortly, in order to make money, your website content will need to meet the following directives: – to educate, to entertain, to persuade, to convert.

Do you know how to create content that sells?

Or are you stuck at a level where your potential clients can stick with you for five minutes, then flip back over to some viral video on YouTube?

All valuable marketing content today manages to:





Sadly, a vast majority of business only reach level 1 on that list, and manage to create a marketing message that is informative only.

To get into the fourth dimension of highly efficient marketing writing that manages to sell, you need more than simple knowledge of your industry.

You need an experienced team of writers. You need Iris Content

In most cases, the things you need to write to get sales are harder to write. They require more thinking, a lot more research and a very experienced hand that can make your infographics, eBooks, brochures easy to read and highly convertible. Give us a try today and trust us with one of your marketing content needs. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

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