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Any company that has been paying attention at how content marketing works these days will have noticed this: traditional and lifestyle content go hand in hand.

Traditional articles will basically provide information relevant to your industry and they would all conclude with a typical call to action, inviting potential consumers to visit your store or fill out a form.

Lifestyle content, on the other hand, will engage readers in a way that traditional cannot: it will add the value of fun and modern information without a direct link to buy.

A recent survey put together by Entrepreneur Magazine reveals that 78 percent of chief marketing officers surveyed considered custom- made lifestyle content the future of marketing.

What can lifestyle content do for you?

Lifestyle content is everywhere nowadays, and it is enough to just open your Facebook thread to see it. Everything from news about online celebrities to masked product marketing campaigns that look like fashion articles can be found online, read, consumed, shared. Lifestyle content has more chances of getting viral. How much exposure would this bring to your business? We are talking an exponential growth in site visits and conversions.

To put it shortly, in order to make money, your website content will need to meet the following directives: – to educate, to entertain, to persuade, to convert.

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Build great lifestyle content

How is lifestyle content built?

You would be happy to receive a great email from your best friend, right? Lifestyle content works just like that for your leads. Treat customers like friends by developing relationships built on shared values and interests, rather than always asking them to do something for you. Feed them information, stories, things they will enjoy reading, while relating to their current lifestyles.


Iris Content has the right lifestyle writers for you

From fashion to celebrity gossip, from recipe writing to personal life stories and other online general interest articles, we can help put it together for you. Let our experienced online experts use their skills to create a personalized lifestyle marketing product for you.

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