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Grant and Proposal Writing
Grant and Proposal Writing

Have you found the perfect grant or request for proposals (RFP) for your nonprofit organization or for-profit business but are struggling when it comes to actually drafting your submission or RFP response? Keep in mind that a grant or RFP application is more complex than simply finding the right words: you must develop a project management timeline, identify subject matter experts (SMEs), develop written content, edit, get approvals, edit, develop a budget, edit and make sure it’s all in the proper format by a fast-approaching deadline.

Iris Content has expert grant/proposal writers on staff who can lead you through the process, write the content, coordinate revisions with the SMEs, obtain copy approvals, format the submission and coordinate printing and mailing. If your submission moves on to finalist interviews, we can help you prepare a winning presentation and accompanying materials.

So, don’t panic. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Partner with Iris Content and know that you’ll meet your deadline and that your grant submission or proposal will be professionally written, edited and formatted. We can’t guarantee you’ll be selected as the winner, but we can make sure your submission is the best it can be.

Submit a Winning Proposal

Partner with Iris Content and you’ll receive guidance every step of the way. We’ve done this before and know the ins and outs of the process, so we know the questions to ask to start grant writing and proposal writing project right.

We provide the following services:

  • Project timeline development
  • Project team meetings to develop the grant response or proposal
  • Advice about the grant response or proposal writing and submission process
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) management and coordination of their written contribution
  • SME interviews to develop submission sections
  • Guidance for SMEs who develop the submission’s budget response
  • Grant response or proposal content research, writing, editing and revision
  • Assembly of the disparate written elements and formatting the submission, according to the granting organization’s guidelines
  • Coordination of the grant or proposal’s printing, assembly and delivery
  • Development of the script and multimedia materials for finalist presentations
  • Coordination and liaison service between the granting organization and the submitting organization
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Grants and Proposals with Zero Stress

It can be a hassle to write a grant submission or a response to a request for proposals while juggling the daily 9-5 work already piling on your desk. You need a project manager who can coordinate everyone’s activities, make sure they do their parts while also writing, editing and formatting your submission. It takes a lot of organization, time and attention to detail to ensure that your grant submission or proposal response is successful.

The experienced team at Iris Content knows how the grant and RFP process works and has written many of these for organizations and businesses just like yours. Fill out the form below and let us know what your needs are so we can schedule a call to talk about the grant, your team and your idea in depth. You don’t have to be stressed. Partner with Iris Content and leave the details in good hands.

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Contact us today to start towards a stress-free grant writing or proposal writing process. Let us know who you are and what grant or RFP you’ve selected. We’ll take a look at the grant or RFP and then set up a time to talk. Together, we’ll discuss your ideas and needs and how the expert grant and proposal writers at Iris Content can help.

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