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E-Commerce Content: Product Descriptions
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Have you ever bought something online? You have undoubtedly noticed the best eCommerce descriptions out there create an impression at once. They communicate value, offer useful information, get visitors excited, and ultimately make them switch from visitors to paying customers.

Are your products or services properly described on your site? Or are you one of those site owners who just thought they could do without them or, worse, copy-pasted your manufacturer’s descriptions and thought they were good enough? The latter action can badly hurt your SEO efforts and definitely bring down your conversion rate.

How seductive are your product descriptions?

Do they generate clicks and buys? Do they create a desire in viewers to at least try them?

A lot of your competitors still haven’t embraced the power of a good, powerful product description. They use one-sentence descriptions, at best, or in many instances, just an image and no text at all.

Consider it like this: if you have no words describing your own products or services, how can you expect to be able to convince customers to buy from your online shop? Also, how do you expect Google rankings to treat your site well, if no quality information is provided?

A good online product description can be considered the equivalent of a good, hard-working sales assistant. They are the guide your users and eventual buyers will need to make a spending decision. If written well, they can create an emotional connection with your site visitors, make them take immediate action and subsequently improve conversions, grow your sales.

Ecommerce content

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The secret to writing truly successful product descriptions is to follow a proven process to engage, persuade, and sell. Our experienced writers will first identify your site visitors’ buyer personas and then write especially targeted descriptions that are guaranteed to bring in more sales.

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