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Copyediting and Rewrites
Copyediting and Rewrites
Need editing? We are the ones to do it

So you have written a book, a whitepaper, an article and are not sure if what you did is fully professional? We can help review and proof your work.

Our professional editors will use the AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual of Style, or the preferred style guide in the industry while editing and reviewing your manuscript.

Human, real-time, expert copyediting for your needs

We can provide a line edit that corrects typos and ensures consistency as far as grammar, spelling and punctuation. In addition to the proofreading service, our copyediting experts will focus on the main writing characteristics good copy should have: concise, clear, correct, consistent and complete.

We will do this by adjusting your paragraph structure and eliminating redundancy, substituting weak words and providing professional alternatives. We can do this by making sure your original tone stays intact.

Web Content
Need a rewrite? Count on our writers’ skills

If some of your content has been hit by Google rankings rules, maybe it is time to refresh it. We are the right professionals to do your rewrites for you. Keeping the latest search engine quality writing updates in mind and employing your keywords in a natural, responsible way, we will make your old content look new again. You won’t even recognize it.

Guaranteed to pass plagiarism checkers scrutiny and sound fully original, refreshed and professional.

Request a Copyediting and Rewrites Quote

To get started, just send us these initial details and we will get back to you with a customized quote.

Your way to great, highly valuable web content starts here.

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