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Creating Quality Content Means Knowing Your Product

Whether it’s an actual object, a service, or a message, marketing anything requires content. It could be a video, blog, or social media post — whatever it is, that content product needs to sell a story that your target audience will buy into. If you really want to...

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How to Use Email as More Than a Sales Channel

Email has become a powerful communication tool for businesses to promote their products or services, share newsletters, schedule meetings, dispatch automated notifications, and improve customer experience. One significant advantage of using emails in business...

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What to Expect When You Work With a Content Agency

A business wanting to engage in content marketing sometimes looks with disdain at the activity of the content agency. The contempt is not unearned - content mills have infested the content agency space, and many times, businesses can't be bothered with low-quality...

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4 Ways to Streamline Your Content Marketing Audit

You’ve been publishing content for some time, some of your posts have succeeded wildly while others may have faltered, well if this is the case, then it may be time to perform an audit on your content. By following these content marketing guidelines, you’ll be able to...

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