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5 Reasons Your Content Branding Should Have a Personality

Building a personality for your content branding should be a fun process. Don’t be scared to create a charismatic persona that will interact with customers and get them smiling.
Just be wary of crossing over into offensive territory when you add a little wit to your content marketing.
If it all sounds a little overwhelming, we’re here to help with quality content creation that oozes personality. Get in touch today!

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3 Dramatically Underused Content Strategies That Will Work Wonders on Your ECommerce Site

You have employed all those tried and true methods: blogging, viral content generation, expensive video marketing as well as other glamorous and possibly costly enterprise SEO. In truth, you have been using the most complicated solutions. How come, you will ask. In your effort to meet all those strategies and fulfill your marketing goals, however, you may be overlooking three areas of basic content marketing.

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The 10 Worst Social Media Tips You Could Ever Get

If you want to create the best social media strategies, you need a plan. Successful social media strategies allow you to check what works and what bombs.

The best way to start is to figure out where most of your customers are spending their time and build a strategy around that network. These are some of the worst tips on social media strategies we’ve come across. If you need help with your social media marketing tactics, get in touch with Iris Content today.

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Mr. Patel Says Content Writers Are a Problem. We Disagree. With Method

According to Mr. Patel, the problem with content (many of us weren’t even aware there seems to be a problem with content, when the industry is booming) lies with the writers. How to put it mildly? We disagree. We think this article starts from a false premise and reaches a valid conclusion, based on nothing else but a visibility stunt. In other words, it has nothing against content writers, nor does it have any valid argument against professional content creation, it just builds on a false premise to attract readership.

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15 Content Marketing Strategies You Need to Start Using Right Now

Make sure you hire the right people who could take your content marketing strategies in the right direction. You’ll need at least a blogger, a long-form content creator, a SEO specialist, a designer and a social media manager to get started. Or better yet, work closely with a cohesive team from a full-service copywriting agency.

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10 Crucial Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Content Creation

At the end of the day, you should accept the fact that any inexperienced writer engaging his or her efforts in content creation will inevitably make a few mistakes during the first trial-and-error processes. If you’re determined to skip the risky experimental phases, consider opting for professional writing services.

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The Online Writing Best Practice Guide for 2016 and Beyond

Poor writing can affect your brand, making your readers question your reputation, expertise and the quality of your products. Fortunately, you could avoid this dreaded worst-case scenario by simply applying the 3 following foolproof online writing tips that will turn your writing into a more solid bridge between you and your audiences.

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