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The Year of Blogging Responsibly

The Year of Blogging Responsibly It’s a new decade – and, thanks to changes in technology (plus recent worldwide developments like COVID-19) 2020 is shaping up to be drastically different from any year before. However, here on the internet one thing hasn’t changed:...

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17 Content Mistakes That Will Disrupt Your Sales

Writing marketing content can be a tricky task to undertake when you first start out. Sometimes a post attracts a lot of readers and converts to sales while another post is ignored almost completely. As a business, you don’t want any missed opportunities for making a...

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What Should Your Social Media Calendar Include?

If you are the type of writer or business person who likes to organize their week ahead of time, keep a calendar of all your appointments, then a social media calendar should not be too difficult to grasp! Even if you are disorganized and live in chaos, when it comes...

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The Ultimate Content Creation Guide for Nonprofits

All nonprofits can benefit a great deal by upgrading their content strategies in 2020. Nonprofit content is all about defining and promoting the organization’s mission, message and, general brand elements. When people feel ‘safe’ and ‘clear’ on your mission as a...

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