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How Customer Retention Strategies Boost Sales

Today’s companies are laser focused on developing and converting leads. Technology is evolving and offering new ways to attract the attention of potential customers. However, companies must not forget the existing customer. Losing existing customers not only impacts...

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Why Your Content Needs Emotion: 12 Essential Pros

Emotional marketing makes excellent first impressions. First impressions form in seconds, and they will create an impact only if they can be processed through the emotional rather than the rational brain. We often buy because we feel before we think. Buyers are more...

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Micro-Moments: The Content Marketer’s Guide

Fast, faster, and then even faster. This is the new speed content consumption. Our attention span is shrinking because we are blasted with information continuously. Fear of missing out has created an international culture of micro-moment consumers. Unless someone is...

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Is the Funnel Dead? A Few Pros and Cons

In 2018, the Harvard Business Review published an article by a writer who declared the sales funnel officially retired, complete with retirement party, gold watch and congratulations on its move to a condo in Florida. But like many retirees, it’s still working. So,...

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