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Why Publishers Must Support Writers More

A steady decline in writers earnings means authors can no longer support themselves through their art. This sad fact has resulted in many writers taking part-time jobs or writing about topics they have no interest in. One of the most significant factors...

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2019: The Year of Blogging Responsibly

Blogging is ever changing and we until recently it was reasonable to expect short-lived trends or best practices. Content marketing in 2019 will focus on connecting readers with bloggers more intimately than in previous years. This upcoming year you should...

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Should Your Brand Embrace Content Activism?

Last year there was a surge of brands embracing content activism. But many are questioning whether it’s the right choice for companies. There’s no question that millennials dominate the market. Marketing statistics from Mediakix show how vital millennials...

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How You Should Write Blog Content in 2019

Nothing is certain in the world except death and taxes, just like nothing is certain about content in 2019 except that its importance to marketing will increase.  Content will continue changing. Your blog will keep getting results if you are evolving as a...

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How to Write Viral Content in 2019

“The first lesson in constructing viral content is having the strength, courage, and self-confidence to get in touch with your own feelings, thinking about what profoundly affects you”- Ken Poirot Unveiling the secret to writing viral content has been the...

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