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16 Reasons to Enroll in a Writing Course

Since Covid-19 hit the globe, forcing millions upon millions of people indoors, many have gone to their computers, looking for something to do. Professionals, even freelance writers, looked for something—anything—to fill their time. Well, the lucky ones discovered...

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Snackable Content Can Save Your Online Presence

Attention span, our ability to remain focused on a single task for a specific amount of time, is a topic that has always fascinated clinical and cognitive psychologists. Whereas attention span has traditionally been seen as purely belonging in the world of psychology,...

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Can Influencers Really Help Your Business Grow?

Influencers can help you grow your business, but it’s not as easy as having them push your brand in a few blog posts and watching the money roll in. This is not only a misconception, but a dangerous one at that. A brand won’t attain any of its objectives with this way...

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How Customer Retention Strategies Boost Sales

Today’s companies are laser focused on developing and converting leads. Technology is evolving and offering new ways to attract the attention of potential customers. However, companies must not forget the existing customer. Losing existing customers not only impacts...

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Why Your Content Needs Emotion: 12 Essential Pros

Emotional marketing makes excellent first impressions. First impressions form in seconds, and they will create an impact only if they can be processed through the emotional rather than the rational brain. We often buy because we feel before we think. Buyers are more...

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