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The Iris Content Creators:  Bambi Frazier Helps You Sell with Style

Here at Iris Content, we strongly believe we are more than just another copywriting agency. We are a well-balanced team of creators. Coming from different walks of life, our experiences set us apart as individuals, but we are brought together by an overarching passion for the written word. A passion for research and content writing, a desire to help our clients achieve their goals. Aiming for excellence, we are stronger together, as a content team. Starting this May, every month, you will find out in this blogging section what our writers have been up to, what their take on the content world is. Because our content is not automatic and soulless, because our team members have their own voices and their own expertise that you can now benefit from directly.

My Take on Content:  How to Sell Something to a Content Client That He Doesn’t Know He Wants

Being a content creator means you fill not just one role, but rather at least half a dozen.  Not only are you creating content (no matter what the medium)… you are also in the position of manager (you must keep your tasks in order), accountant (billing), administrative assistant (someone has to field those calls), and yes, even sales and marketing.

Get Your Mind Right

Who knew that a career in writing content would also mean a career in sales?  The fact is sales and profit HAVE TO be a part of any business or the business itself can’t exist.  Most business owners don’t really like sales; it’s uncomfortable.  It’s not your element, you didn’t go to school for it, and you sure as heck don’t feel like sitting in front of someone pitching your services.  Does anyone?

So, here’s the deal:  If you want to make money, you only have one choice.  Suck it up and learn how to sell.  Accept the fact that you have to do it in order to make money.  Unless however, you don’t want to work hard to increase your cash flow.  In that case, I respectfully ask that you stop reading here, pick up your remote and tune into your latest Netflix obsession.  But if you want to make money, read on.

Is Your Work Sellable?

Any business that has ever made money has seen a need for something and filled the void.  That’s what you have to do with your writing.

Where is There a Space for Your Skills?

Can someone make money because of what you can provide?

Can someone’s life/job be made easier because of the services you provide?

Will someone’s business improve because of the services you provide?

Your job is to now prove your case.  Convince your potential client that they not only need your services but also that your services will also make their life easier and/or help improve their business.

Create a one-page sales sheet detailing why their competition is winning and how you can help them beat said competition.  Show them writing samples and have great references to back your work.  Unless they ask directly, don’t talk numbers… yet.

Quenching Your Thirst – At the Right Time

Perhaps just as important as the dollar figures is patience.  No one wants to feel swindled or pushed but be ready when money enters the conversation.   Give them time to mull over your offerings (that should be professionally outlined in a clean and simple document).  If you’ve done your job, they’ll come around.  If not, change what needs to be changed, and move on to the next prospect.

The Final Four

If I had to give four pieces of advice, they would be:

Do what you say and say what you’ll do.  No one wants to work with someone who is incompetent.  Be clear, be concise, and be dependable.

Be responsive.  When someone is giving you their money, they expect that you’ll be readily available.  In the case that you won’t be, give them a heads up… they’ll appreciate it.

Be thorough.  You are a writer.  Nothing shows a lackluster work ethic… uh.. lackluster work.  Make sure every piece you churn out is solid.

Go old school.  In the world of content creation, online sales are inevitable, but there’s something powerful about face to face interaction.   If that what helps you make the sale, that time away from your laptop is well worth it.



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