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Why the Upcoming Avengers (Infinity War) Installment is Brilliant and What Marketers Should Learn from It

The new Avengers flick: “Infinity War” is a story that Marvel and Disney have built up over the course of the last 10 years. With various standalone movies, and multiple series’ The Avengers: Infinity War seems like an easy victory. But, that’s the thing about any product, there’s no guarantee of success. These marketing giants have spent the last few months showing us how to ensure that a big investment pays off and the trick is content.

Powerhouses Use Content Marketing to its Fullest

With Marvel producing and Disney doing everything else there’s no question that Avengers: Infinity War was guaranteed great marketing. The long-running history of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is full of great marketing campaigns, and their content marketing strategy is always among the best. However, the Infinity War marketing is brilliant and definitively different from other installments.

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These two powerhouses can teach us 3 important lessons to improve any content marketing.

  • Interdependence
  • Cater to your Audience
  • Storytelling

Using these three together the Infinity War marketing stood out from past campaigns for the Avengers, or Guardians of the Galaxy. The focus in on these characters coming together and finalizing a story. Rather than the montage of epic fighting scenes with small bits of witty one-liners. Instead, this content marketing uses these techniques to allude to fighting and character interaction.

Social Media Data to Support Content

What it comes down good content marketing, it isn’t just about the exposure. Avengers: Infinity War used social media to show that the proof is in the pudding. They got people talking! This goes beyond scraping in engagement for the sake of it and focuses on the customer. With a total of 679,000 social media conversations, Marvel created content marketing that took over. What can we learn from Marvel’s success with Infinity War?

Lesson 1: Interdependence

Marvel and Disney strategically planned the slow buildup of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It took about 10 years to world build and craft characters that their customers could love. Not everyone has 10 years, and not everyone has unbelievable amounts of money to funnel into the entertainment industry. The great thing is that interdependence doesn’t rely on 10 years of work.

If you have a business, then you probably have multiple products or multiple audiences. The Infinity War marketing strategy used a slew of different trailers that built on the same concept: show the slow construction of past films, then highlight with Tony Stark’s declaration “It’s all been leading up to this.”

What does this give to content marketing? With a single sentence, the Infinity War marketing team combined 7 product lines inter-depedently. Because of this, Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America fans are equally excited for Infinity War.

Lesson 2: Cater to your Audience

For Avengers: Infinity Wars there were no less than 4 trailers officially released in addition to a few private or limited release teasers. What happened to use just a single trailer? No, the days of one trailer are gone, instead content marketing strategists return to long-forgotten techniques, namely adaptability. Multiple renditions of similar content, catered for each audience may seem trivial. But, the reward is worth it.

These trailers vary based on their release point. While the trailer for D23 and San Diego Comicon relied heavily on fans having a certain level of knowledge, the trailer launched with Good Morning America offered highlights of the lighter humor. Comic book fans, moviegoers, and families that don’t get out much are all drawn into the same movie.

Content marketing works here by highlighting only the aspects that would appeal and provoke interest in each separate audience.  They all see the same movie, but they show up for different reasons. Any content can use this strategy.

Lesson 3: Storytelling

The content marketing for Avengers: Infinity War took us all the way back to the beginning with Nick Fury’s Avengers Initiative speech. There is a spark in the speech that makes it relevant to every situation the Avengers face because it’s part of their overarching story. Essentially, it’s the Avengers mission statement.

“The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more.” We hear this gem in the middle of the speech, repeatedly, but each time it delivers a different part of the story. Content marketing thrives on genuine storytelling. This speech delivers storytelling and achieves a few goals in content marketing:

  • Awareness (What is it? It’s the Avengers Initiative)
  • Brand/Product loyalty (repetition and continued presence)
  • Customer education (explains the goal of Avengers in one sentence)
  • Inspires action (What is the next battle that only the Avengers can take on?)

The trailers combined this speech with Tony Starks declaration, “It’s all been leading up to this” to create a level of anticipation. It’s nearly the perfect formula to sell tickets, but you’d never know from the trailers that it’s about making a box office hit.

These areas all come together in classic storytelling quite naturally. The marketing strategies used in Infinity War are classic techniques adapted for content marketing. Storytelling is the lesson to take home here. Use videos, blogs, social media, and web pages to tell the story of your company, product or service. Make your customer forget it’s about making money and deliver a story that serves their purpose.

With trends that are constantly changing, this return to marketing basics is a refreshing reminder of high-impact marketing. That success does not rely on blasting your material to every available market or writing one page of copy that appeals to everyone. When you see two powerhouses like Marvel and Disney prove success using basic techniques, it’s a sign that you should change your focus too. Write content that appeals to the audience you’re trying to reach, use a story to convey your message and most of all, tie in multiple products.

The Avengers: Infinity War is a marketing victory. Through storytelling, a focus on the audience and building an interdependent relationship between past products, Infinity War is set up for success. Your company, blog, and social media can utilize these same techniques in your content marketing.


Annie Ianko

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