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The Iris Content Masterclass: How to Make Your Text More Visual Even Without Breathtaking Photos


Content can be boring and may be difficult to read if it is not properly formatted. It is helpful to make your text more visual using a number of different techniques. You don’t have to use breathtaking photos for excellent online content creation. Start by visualizing the content as it will appear on the page. If you’re using Microsoft Word you can view the page as it will appear in web layout. This is helpful when you want to view how it will look once it’s published online. There are some important elements that you can incorporate into your content creation to make it more visually appealing.

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Utilize Font to Your Advantage

There are many various types of font that you can use for your content creation. Many of these fonts are interesting and some are fancy. When you choose font you need to consider first and foremost, ease of readability. Stay away from script and other odd fonts that make reading difficult. While it may seem interesting to you, readers will find it distracting and visually unappealing.

The two most universally appealing fonts are typically Calibri and Arial.  Times New Roman is also often utilized but it can give content an old feel rather than a fresh, modern look. Experiment with fonts until you find one that best suits your content. However, keep in mind that not all fonts translate well to online content creation. Therefore, it is usually best to try to stick to a basic, clean font that doesn’t have any extra frills.

You can create some visual interest with size variation but try to avoid using a variety of different fonts in the same content page. This can make the page look amateurish and doesn’t do anything to add to the readability. In fact, it can give people the impression that the page is not of high quality.

In some areas of text you may want to utilize bold or italics. These options can help make the piece more visual. However, try to limit the use of too many different font styles and types on the same page.

Use Text Blocks and Bullet Points

You can create a more visually appealing page by utilizing bullet points to break up large blocks of text. It is also helpful to add some text blocks to highlight important or critical points of the article. When you use these features you should use them sparingly. For example, don’t use bullet points in more than one section of content unless you are creating a lengthy piece. You certainly don’t want the entire content page to look like a list of items.

It is also a good idea to vary the size of the text. Use subheadings to introduce new ideas and create some variation on the page. Subheadings should provide readers with information about what information is provided in the next section of text. You can use the same font style but in a slightly larger size than the rest of the content. If you prefer, you may choose to use bold text for subheadings.

Create Backgrounds

The background of a particular piece of content does not need to be stark white. It can be different colors or prints or can even utilize a photo background. When thinking about backgrounds it is usually best to work with the web master to determine how you’d like the piece to appear. Sometimes a simple color other than a white background can change the look and feel of the entire page. When you consider color choices for backgrounds you should always coordinate with the topic of the content. Keep in mind that sometimes backgrounds can appear too busy and may actually detract from the look of the article.

Consider White Space

If you’ve ever seen a page that is filled to capacity from top to bottom and side to side with text you understand how daunting it looks. Readers don’t just find it unappealing – they find it unreadable and will click away from it in an instant. No white space on the page creates a terrible web page. By the same token, too much white space can also look terrible. Therefore, you want to find a happy medium between text and blank space.

You don’t want to fill the entire page so it is imperative that you provide suitable margins for online content creation. One common mistake is to make the margins too narrow. You will end up with small strips of content that won’t be appropriate.

One concept that is often quoted by content experts is to limit paragraphs to 7 or fewer lines of text. If you have more than that you should break up the content into smaller paragraphs. Smaller chunks are not only easier to read but are also more aesthetically pleasing when you view the content page online. Break up the content with subheadings that guide readers through the content.

Add Charts, Photos and Graphs

You don’t have to have original photos or art to add to the content. You can easily utilize stock photos that are available for use online for a small fee. These photos can add some interest to your piece, but only if they relate directly to the content. Charts and graphs are another option to add more visual interest to your content page. These can be tricky to create but in some instances you can find available charts to use from online sources. Pie charts are sometimes the easiest to create and can be used to show a variety of different statistics.

The bottom line is that as the writer you have the ability to make your online content more visually appealing. Use the options and features that are available to you to create content that looks good. When you have completed a piece of content you should review it for its visual effectiveness. Then, make any changes or adjustments necessary to improve or enhance the look of the text, even without adding exclusive photos.



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