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What Will Web Content Look Like in 2018?



Web content is the key to successful inbound marketing but what exactly should you be doing in 2018 to boost those conversions? Content marketing in 2018 will be more diversified than ever before. You can rely on multiple approaches that will all potentially increase engagement and help you get a high return on investment. Here are a few of those.

Social Media as Publishing Platforms

In the past, most web content was published on a website and then shared via a social channel. Content marketing in 2018 will see some serious differences. The native publication of web content on social media is going to become more prominent than ever before.

Experiments in that direction started some time ago. The launch of LinkedIn Pulse was one of the first steps. Subsequently, many other social channels have made it possible for members to upload content directly via the platform.


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Marketing experts will need to stop thinking about social media as solely distribution channels. Facebook Instant Articles is yet another move in the same direction and you can easily sign up for it to test the features.

Social media-specific content comes with a number of advantages (on top of posting texts on your website rather than as a replacement). You can easily reach a bigger number of people, especially if your corporate website hasn’t been developed well yet. New features are made available by such platforms, making it easier to produce interactive content. Finally, native posting creates a seamless experience that doesn’t have audiences moving across channels and waiting for websites to load.

As already mentioned, social media publication shouldn’t replace standard website content. If you rely solely on native content, traffic to your website may go down. Other eventual shortcomings include less effective website optimization and a potential decrease in conversions.

The Popularity of Voice Search

The rules of web content creation are dictated by search engine ranking algorithms. The rise of mobile device use is contributing to an important change in the way that people search for content. Voice search will be hotter than ever in 2018 and the years beyond. Web content creators will have to respond to this new trend.

According to 2016 Google data, 20 percent of mobile searches were voice-based. Needless to say, the number has grown in 2017.

Voice search has a very important effect on content creation. Content marketing in 2018 will have to take this new reality in consideration. The manner in which people search for information when typing and when speaking their queries is different.

Voice searches are more likely to be formulated as questions. Thus, Q&A articles, as well as texts that have question-based subtitles are likely to perform better among the mobile crowd.

Optimizing web content for voice search could also be dependent on a couple of additional strategies. Some of the approaches that can be expected to deliver good results include targeting long-tail keywords, doing local search (many mobile search users are looking for places to go), relying on a more natural and conversational language, writing a bigger number of articles on sub-topics of a larger theme and answering questions in the very beginning of a text.

Content Personalization?

Creating high quality, informative content isn’t going to be sufficient for effective content marketing in 2018. You will also have to think about personalization.

Industry experts believe that content personalization will be more pronounced than ever in the coming year. Precision analytics and machine learning-powered bots both make it easier for marketers to learn a lot about the audience and to suggest topics/articles that the respective group of people will respond favorably to.

Successful content personalization depends on offering relevance on a channel-specific basis, offering specific content to the different audience demographics, basing content on the expected emotional response of the audience and doing some predictive analysis for prospects.

Content personalization makes things more challenging because different web texts will have to be created for different consumer/prospect groups. While a lot more work will be required, this level of personalization boosts the ROI massively by increasing the likelihood of conversions.

One thing to keep in mind is that in order to do effective personalization, you need the right technology. Precise analytical tools and data interpretation software will be required to do audience segmentation and extract relevant information for every single group.

The Audience is No Longer Limited to Screen Viewing

A final important thing to remember is that to explore web content, the audience is no longer limited to viewing a screen. The manner in which people consume content will have a profound effect on its appearance in 2018.

Wearable technologies, audio formats, virtual reality, device pairing and geo tagging all affect content delivery and allow for unprecedented levels of personalization. Sure, text is still important. The audience today, however, enjoys a lot more flexibility than the crowd that relied solely on a computer to access information.

Some brands have already responded to this new reality. The Ask Purina campaign is a brilliant example. The campaign is based on Amazon’s Alexa technology. The campaign makes it easy for pet owners to ask relevant questions by simply starting their voice query with “Alexa, Ask Purina.”

Content in 2018 and the year beyond will be about an experience and a merger of different formats. Visual will go together with text and virtual reality elements. The flexibility will allow for the execution of much more complex content-based campaigns that will provide the audience with a comprehensive experience.

Web Content Changes and We Can Help You Master it

Effective web content creation isn’t just about writing relevant texts. The topics you choose, having intimate knowledge of your audience, search engines and technology trends will all matter. To accomplish these goals, you need a knowledgeable and reliable partner.

Iris Content’s team knows what it takes to stay ahead of new developments in the content marketing world. We have extensive experience in the creation of various types of web content – from website articles to whitepapers and specific industry content. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ve also developed 2017 holiday packages for our clients that can be used to enhance your online presence over the holidays and well into 2018.

Annie Ianko

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