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How Will You Find Your Perfect Content Marketing Provider? Dating Advice May Help

If you’re looking for a reliable, performance-driven and creative content marketing agency, then you will have to do a long and tedious search. There are plenty of small, medium and large sized content providers offering a diverse set of skills, services and talent.

In fact, finding a content provider that fits all your criteria and understands your needs is a lot like… dating – There are many prospects and finding the right one takes time, effort and perseverance.

Business can learn a lot about selecting an ideal agency for their content needs from dating. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how similar finding a partner and finding an agency are.

Here are six valuable tips from content marketing experts on finding a good content provider that bears similarity to dating:

Look Around

Only a lucky few end up marrying their childhood sweetheart. Most of us date voraciously in our early to late 20s before deciding to settle down with the right man or woman.

Similarly, it’s essential to look around and learn about different content providers. Every provider has different skill sets, perspectives and talent. They also offer a wide range of services. Some are famous for blogging while others have a knack of curating social media content. You won’t know which agency provides what kind of service if you don’t shop around.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

This cliché is true in dating and content marketing. After all, when we look for our future spouse, don’t we see what they do rather than what they say?

Content marketing experts suggest looking beyond an agency’s fancy presentation and promotional gimmicks. Seek answers to hard questions like have they successfully increased traffic to a client’s website? Did they boost social media engagement? Did they meet a business’ creative and business needs? Do they consistently deliver stellar content in a timely manner?

Ask for client references and talk to them. A provider’s track record speaks volumes of their abilities.

Be Clear on What You Want

Before diving head first into the dating world, you need to know what you want in your life partner. Most people have a list of characteristics, personality traits and physical attributes that they refer to while searching for “the one.” However, some of the items on this list may be negotiable (like height) and some may be non-negotiable (like being a smoker).

Likewise, while sniffing for a reliable content provider, knowing what you want is a good starting point. It gives you clarity in your search and ensures that you don’t waste your time on agencies that don’t match your criteria.

Date for Some Time Before Settling

People marry for love (most of the time) and love can usually be confused with infatuation and obsession. Hence, a good thumb rule before tying the knot with someone is to be in a relationship or date them for a year or a year and a half. Even scientists agree that the first 18 months of a relationship are dictated by chemicals.

In the same manner, while fishing for a content provider, content marketing experts advice employing them for a trial period before appointing them full-time. Start with an article or a few blog posts in the first month. Make it clear that you want to work with them on a trial basis so that there’s no bad blood if you decide to part ways.

Make Sure your Objective Aligns with Theirs

Do you know the secret to making a relationship work? Ensuring that both partners have the same goals. Correspondingly, you need to search for a content marketing provider that not only understands your marketing strategy and objectives but also envisions it. There’s no point of hiring someone with a proven track record of success if they don’t understand your content needs.

There Should be Trust in The Relationship

Last but certainly not the least, ensure that there’s complete trust and transparency in your partnership. In an article on Forbes, content marketing experts recommended engaging the services of an agency that has good principles, is ethical and sticks to their word. Have they ever employed black hat SEO tactics? Have they duped a client in the past? These are all pertinent questions.

Any content marketing providers’ primary goal should be to meet all your content and creative needs. So don’t settle on the first agency you’re impressed with. Shop around. Cast your bait in the vast ocean and hook the best one.

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