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What Are the Content Types That Generate the Highest-Quality Leads Today?



Are you publishing enough new content on a regular basis? Are you diversifying the approach to give your audience a lot of value and useful information?

Getting started with articles is a good idea but high-quality online content entails a lot more diversity than that. Just think about it, you have all of the following options to try – in-depth reports, interviews with industry experts, videos, graphics, infographics, case studies, whitepapers, webinars – the list goes on and on.

Certain types of content can generate more and better leads than others. A bit of knowledge about these specifics will make it easier to put together a sound content strategy that will increase conversions and help your business grow.

The Best Content Types for Lead Generation: A Survey

An interesting survey sheds some light on the types of content deemed to be most effective for the generation of high quality leads.

Ascend2 carried out a survey among 255 marketers and published a detailed report to present the results. These people were asked to rank different types of content and determine which ones had the highest conversion rate. The vast majority of marketers (46 percent) reported that research and in-depth reports were best when it comes to generating leads and turning prospects into customers. Videos follow with 44 percent of the vote. Social media content, webinars, articles and blog posts, case studies and infographics come next in the ranking.

When it comes to pages that generate the highest quality leads, 57 percent of respondents said that content-download pages (for example, free ebook download pages) delivered the best results. Webinar registration pages rank second.

Content in the World of B2B Marketing

Things are a little bit different for the marketers attempting to generate high quality business leads. These potential clients are in need of different content that’s usually much more specialized than B2C campaigns.

A report by NetLine Corporation and the CMO Council presents the opinions of 213 senior B2B marketing executives. Of these professionals, 24 percent report that white papers generate the best leads. Videos, analysis reports, webcasts, slideshow presentations, ebooks and infographics follow.

At the same time, the executives questioned reported that the marketing strategy that their companies have adopted focuses on completely different kinds of content. When questioned, 84 percent of the professionals said that their business focuses on product brochures. Slide presentations and white papers follow.

When questioned about the biggest content marketing challenges that they face, 48 percent of the marketing experts reported that the lack of tailored, targeted content was the biggest roadblock standing in the way of high quality lead generation.

Quality Matters!

While the type of content itself is incredibly important, execution is also crucial for effective lead generation.

Today’s audience is becoming more and more discerning when it comes to the information that it consumes. Thus, you can’t simply put together a five-minute blog post and expect to see results from it.

High quality content features valuable information, original ideas and impeccable execution. Whether you’re putting together infographics or ebooks, you will have to invest both time and effort on the creation of the perfect final product.

Digital marketing has turned into much more than attracting potential customers. Today, it builds the reputation of a brand. Underdeveloped and mediocre pieces of content demonstrate a lack of attention to detail and expertise. If the brand becomes recognized for such errors, it would be almost impossible to change the audience’s perception.

Experiment with different content types, focus on execution and rely on analytics to see how the audience is responding. While the experience of marketing experts points towards the best types of content for hhigh-qualitylead generation, things could be somewhat different in your industry. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the audience and its needs. Build a comprehensive content marketing strategy and you’ll soon see the results of this tailored approach.

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