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Hollywood’s 5 Best Marketing Campaigns This Year and What We Can Learn From Them



Big budgets, huge billboards, rumors and lots of hype. These are just some of the things that characterize traditional marketing campaigns of Hollywood blockbuster hits. With the proliferation of social media, marketing campaigns use a combination of social media, billboards, indoor advertising and promotional events.

All that’s well and good, but what can Hollywood’s marketing campaigns teach content marketers? Quite a lot, actually. We’ve rounded up a list of 5 awesome movie and TV show campaigns and what marketers can learn from them and incorporate in their content marketing 2017 plan:

Spider-Man: Homecoming — Audi Driver’s Test Ad

Funny, daring and a rule-breaker – These are words often used to describe Tom Holland’s Spiderman in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Several video advertisements were uploaded on YouTube to promote the reboot. One particular ad, which promoted the movie’s partner Audi, showed a 15-year-old Peter Parker taking a driver’s test with an instructor. The hilarious, cool and edgy video drew 9 million views and a 99% positive response.

What we can learn: Sure you need to promote your brand but infusing content with humor and lightheartedness goes a long way in connecting with audiences. Your plan for content marketing 2017 should be to integrate humor, wit and fun. Serious is boring.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Art Installations on British Coastline

In order to promote Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Disney chose to shock and awe British citizens by installing statues of swashbuckling pirates on the coastline. The art installation was installed overnight on Brighton Beach, Birling Gap, the Seven Sisters and HMNB Portsmouth Harbour. The statues were modeled after the crew of the fearsome villain in the movie, a Spanish pirate-hunter named Captain Salazar.

Dogwalkers and joggers were shocked to see three fearful statues on the beach in the morning. However, after they got over their initial trepidation, the joggers approached the installation and laughed it off.

What we can learn: Providing consistently valuable content to readers is all well and good but sometimes you need to shock them. Put up content that they don’t see coming. Do something whacky. This will make them sit up and be interested in your brand, product or company.

Netflix’s House of Cards – Frank Underwood’s photo as Fictional POTUS

Taking inspiration from real life, Netflix enlisted the services of the former chief official White House photographer Pete Souza to photograph Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood attending various events and places in Washington, D.C. along with Michael Kelly’s Doug Stamper. In an effort to recreate candid shots similar to ones of former U.S. President Obama and Ronald Reagan, the staged photos proved to be an effective tongue-in-cheek advertisement of the fifth season of House of Cards. They also blurred the lines between fiction and reality since the TV show House of Cards’ plot is somewhat inspired by real-life American politics.

What we can learn: Don’t be afraid to capitalize on current events, news and latest industry developments in your content marketing 2017 strategy. Evergreen content, which is content that is useful for several years, is important. But a competent content marketer ensures that there is a healthy mix of evergreen and topical content (content with a limited shelf life) in order to entice new readers to visit the website and take an interest in the brand.

Billy on the Street – Emmy Consideration Poster

It’s that time of the year when academy experts in the TV industry nominate actors, actresses and TV shows for the prestigious Emmy Awards. So what better way to appeal to these academy experts than to put a brutally honest poster? Billy Eichner, who stars and hosts variety sketch series Billy on the Street did exactly that. The poster reads, “You nominated Donald Trump for an Emmy but you won’t nominate Billy on the Street? Be on the right side of history.”

What we can learn: It’s important to relate with your audiences. One way to do so is by researching about them. What makes them tick? What is their average day like? Are they more likely to be tea or coffee people? Then deliver content that either provides information, solves a problem or enhances their lives. Being brutally honest is also a huge plus.

Beauty and the Beast – Luke Evans Instagram Takeover

Disney’s Instagram account is peppered with posts promoting its upcoming movies, characters and stars. In fact, it sometimes gets boring and the account rarely deviates from its standard promotional content. But during the world premiere of Beauty and the Beast, the account got a human touch when actor Luke Evans took over and shared videos and photos live from the premiere. Disney fans could attend the premiere through the Instagram account and Luke Evans received more fan-following as a result of the takeover.

What we can learn: Get bloggers and influencers to do a guest post on your website as a part of your plan for content marketing 2017. Influencers not only bring authenticity to your brand but also ensure that some of their followers go through your website. It’s a win-win.

So, there you have it – Hollywood’s best marketing campaigns and what content marketers can learn from them. If you wish to incorporate some of these tips into your content but don’t know how to, feel free to contact Iris Content for creating unique content that meets your business needs.

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