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What Type of Copywriter Should You Choose for Your Content Marketing Campaign?



Congratulations on understanding the power of content marketing and the importance of working with the best content writers, and for seeking content marketing advice! A few years ago, creating and distributing quality content would have been enough to help you stand out from your competitors. Nowadays, your mission is much more difficult. Why?

According to the latest Content Marketing Institute statistics, 88% marketers already use content as a marketing strategy, and 73% of them outsource their content marketing. Otherwise put, most of your competitors already work with professional content marketing agencies or copywriters.

In order to stand out, you will need to create better content, therefore hire good copywriters. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done, as a simple job add will get you hundreds of applications and portfolios to check, and you don’t even know what to look for, do you?

We’re not going to tell you what to look for, because we don’t believe in universal solutions. We believe there is a solution for everyone, but it is up to that person or business to assess their needs, evaluate their options, and choose what works for them.

On our quest to recruit the best content writers, we have come across a few writer typologies we decided to avoid. Perhaps our findings will help you avoid hiring the wrong copywriter as well, so we’ll disclose them in the following lines.

5 Types of Content Writers to Avoid

1. Wordsmiths

We agree: some words are more powerful than others. However, we feel content means more than putting together a bunch of powerful words. We hate copywriters who care more about the words they use than they care about the message they send and the value they add to a content piece. We prefer writers who use their time to collect information and put it in a form that is easy to understand and follow to writers who focus on puns and metaphors, who like to feel inventors of the wheel.

2. Butterflies

Just like butterflies move from one flower to another, drawn by vivid colors, some content writers jump from one project to another looking for the highest pay, but without taking the time to actually earn it. We prefer bees, who stick around long enough to see beyond the catchy colors, discover the essence, and turn it into something even more valuable.

3. Ice Blocks

Have you ever ate or drank something so cold that you couldn’t feel its taste? Have you ever read something so cold, impersonal, and boring, that you couldn’t bear finish it or remember any of it? We have, and we swore not to write anything similar. We hate endless, shapeless, tasteless content pieces. We prefer writers with personality, who can turn boring facts into catchy stories, who understand the value of structure and the power of visual.

4. Spirals

Some content writers prefer the spiral path to present their ideas. They use such long and twisted sentences that readers can’t follow them and give up trying. We prefer writers who climb ladders or ropes, who use short and simple sentences, and never lose sight of their objective.

5. Stuffers

Some writers stuff their texts with keywords trying to emphasize their SEO skills. Others overuse statistics to prove their point and be more convincing. We’ve also seen writers who beat around the bushes to meet their word count. We hate them all. We believe in balance and a sense of measure, and we ask that from all our writers.

Other types of writers we don’t like are those who use specialty terms to pose as experts but fail to make themselves understood, and those who try so hard to prove their creativity that end up writing pieces not even they can understand. We cannot even call those who plagiarize writers, and we would love to send those dependent on repetitions and unable to format and proofread their work back to school.

There are many bad things content writers do, and we dislike, but the above red flags should be enough to get you on the right track to choosing the best copywriter for your marketing campaign. What qualities should this copywriter have and how can you recognize them?

Recognizing a Good Copywriter When You’ve Found One

In our opinion, the ideal copywriter is the wisdom worker Robert Rose was writing about just last month. When they write, they use not only their reason, but also their intuition, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

They do not turn their back on technology, but, on the contrary, they embrace it. They do not waste time complaining about the tools or information they don’t have, but they use everything available to put together an infallible strategy and implement it.

These content writers have their own research methods and their own voice. They learn as much as they can and listen to everyone before drawing their own conclusions. They work hard, and they assume responsibility for their work. They set high goals, and they do not rest until meeting them.

Wisdom writers are not perfect, and they are not experts in everything. They are smart and creative people with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, a desperate desire to grow and improve themselves, and a keen interest in technology and everything it can do for them.

At Iris Content, we’ve been recruiting wise content writers for a long time, helping them reach their potential, and providing them with the tools and challenges required to grow and improve themselves. We surely have at least one with experience and interest in your particular line of business, so contact us now, and let us provide the content marketing advice and the writing services that can take your marketing campaign to the next level!

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Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 20 years of experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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