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How To Create That Killer Facebook, Twitter And Instagram Post



Admit it, we all want that perfect Facebook, Twitter or Instagram post to go viral. We want it shared, liked, commented on or at least viewed by, hmm, just a few thousand people, right? We’re itching to rant, share or express. In short, we just have to go to social media and release our inner feelings.

So the question is, how do you write awesome content to create the perfect FB, Twitter or Instagram post? Do they even exist? One thing’s for sure, these three popular apps help your posts go berserk around their platforms. So they, too have some unannounced rules. Break them and your post will get buried under less viral-worthy ones.

Make your posts work for you

Facebook – The most popular social media platform today does have some rules if you want to get more reach.

  1. Don’t use HASHTAGS – Don’t use the @ symbol, too. Avoid using these two in Facebook. If they’re often used in other social apps like Twitter and Instagram, Facebook will thumbs down your post and won’t increase your reach.


  1. Don’t post too frequently – Even if they’re great content posts, Facebook will think you’re spamming or will think it’s not a quality post.


  1. Take advantage of the Emojis – Use them appropriately. They have higher engagement than posts than are all text. Your brand’s ad will get more engagement with emojis but check your analytics to see if there’s a difference.


  1. Use photos – Posts with photos gets more Likes, Comments and Click-throughs. Photos really do attract users to make them pause and take a longer look.


One hint: use original photos. If they’ve already been to a Facebook page, chances are, they won’t have a wider reach. Best if they’ve never been to Google Images.


  1. Shorter posts are better – If a post is about 250 characters or less, there will be more engagement. Most mobile users won’t have time to read everything so posts with more characters will be ignored.


  1. Make your post valuable – Every time your post gets read, the first thing readers want to know is, what’s in it for me? If your business puts a Facebook post about your latest product, make sure you answer what’s in it for them.


  1. Use a Call-To-Action – Ask your readers to do something straight away. If you write awesome content, your readers will be obliged to do whatever it is you’re calling them to do.


  1. Post at the right times – Know when most of your followers are online. Don’t post when your competitors release their posts. If you’re not too sure, try posting three times a day (morning, noon and evening) and see which posts are more engaged.


Instagram – For personal or business, getting some basics in Instagram will give you mini success.

  1. Keep it authentic – Don’t use what’s already in the Internet somewhere. In other words, use original photos. Look at other IG posts from people who have the same likes as you and observe what they are posting. Discover some details like:


  • Shot angles
  • Photo subject
  • Photo location


  1. Use the right lighting – Don’t use flash and go for natural lighting. You can also use your phone cam to focus on your subject. Tap on the focus and try not to zoom in too close.


  1. Use engaging photos – Make your photos visually appealing. Avoid pixelated photos. Take lots of photos and then pick the best one. Make sure it’s 1080p for best results.


  1. Use creative compositions – Use some simple photo editing tools like:
  • Remove non-essential parts of the photo.
  • If it wasn’t your intention, straighten your photo if it is askew. No one likes looking at a slanted horizon.
  • Use the Rule Of Thirds to create a more interesting photo.
  • The right amount of Negative Space will help balance your photo.


  1. Give it a great caption – Captions shouldn’t explain the photo. Rather it should give your images some character. Make your caption audience-appropriate. Use puns or a witty catchy rhyming caption.


  1. Use hashtags to categorize your photo or post. But make sure they’re relevant. And don’t forget to tag people who are in the photo.


Finally, Twitter – My favorite social app of all. A tweet can be a status, link, photo or video.

  1. Headlines – Intrigue your audience with your headline.


  • Make sure it’s short and simple (8 words max).
  • Use a number and not just text.
  • Use a colon to divide your headline into two parts.
  • Use verbs and adverbs to increase engagement.
  • Capitalize each word in your headline. All caps means screaming!


  1. Hashtags – Don’t overdo it. One or two hashtags is just perfect.


  1. Images – As much as possible, use them. But don’t overdo it. Tweet with an image sometimes and on other tweets, use all text. Use infographics because they get more retweets.


  1. Content – Write awesome content that can fit in 140 characters. Say what you are offering, tell them what you want them to do (CTA).


  1. Links – Shorten your links by using shoreteners (;;; Remember to put the link at the end of the tweet.


  1. Timing – Tweet on weekends when everybody’s home. Post early (breakfast time) or post very late (almost midnight). Post regularly (4-5 times a day) but make them at least 30 minutes apart.


These 3 social media giants can make wonders for your brand. But like everything else in the business, you should always do proper testing. Not everything you post will go viral or will be noticed. Be patient and test each one. You will one day find out which app is perfectly fit for your business to gain you the biggest exposure in our beloved social media.

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Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 20 years of experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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