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Why the 2018 Honda Accord is a Wake-Up Call for Content Marketing




  • 41: The number of years that has passed since the debut of the Honda Accord.
  • 13 million: The number of Honda Accords sold since its introduction.

The numbers clearly show that the Honda Accord has made waves within the automobile industry for more than four decades and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Any doubt or uncertainty of that statement more than likely faded when the headlines of the highly-anticipated 2018 Honda Accord were first confirmed. At first glance, the average consumer may second-guess the fact that the redesigned model is a Honda at all – much less a Honda Accord. However, the lessons learned from what could possibly be a revolutionary product for the 68-year-old manufacturer can also serve as a wake-up call for your content marketing plan.

No More Coupe: Match the Size with the Need

While greeting the newly introduced Honda Accord sedan, fans and critics must bid a bittersweet farewell to the Honda Accord coupe. According to US News, the Honda Accord coupe will join the growing list of discontinued automobiles in 2018.  When you study the design and size of the 2018 Honda Accord, it makes sense why the manufacturer decided to permanently sideline its coupe alternative. The revamped Accord is wider and lower than its predecessor, giving the mid-sized sedan a couple-like profile that is aesthetically appealing.

Lesson Learned: Make sure that you match the size of your content with the preferences of your target demographic and the specific needs of your topic. It is much more effective to pack a high-quality performance into a smaller “vehicle” than to add an excessive amount of fluff just to fill up the empty space of a larger “vehicle.” You may find that certain sizes no longer work well for your brand, so you should not hesitate to discontinue either.

Line of Sight: Increase the Visibility of Your Content

The 2018 Honda Accord has a much lower hood than its predecessor, which highlights the impressive feature of enhanced forward visibility. Studies have shown that the roof pillars positioned near the windshield are also much thinner – a reduction that may seem hardly noticeable but is still quite beneficial to the overall behind-the-wheel experience.

Lesson Learned: You can work hard to create the best quality content ever read in the history of literature and the Internet. However, if you do not have any audience interested in reading it, the value of your content will plummet at an exponential rate. In addition to developing great content, therefore, you should also be focused on increasing visibility to capture the attention of more readers and prospective clientele. Perhaps this may require making certain cuts and reductions to your content size, structure or overall promotional strategy. However, increased visibility leads to increased exposure which can also cause your sales and revenue to increase as well.

Flick Your Turn Signal: Smooth Transitions, Smooth Travel

The standard 2018 Honda Accord will come fully equipped with a wide range of safety and security features that are usually integrated into fully-loaded models. For instance, every model will come with automatic emergency braking. Perhaps some of the most surprising features are the lane-keeping assist feature and lane departure warnings along with traffic sign recognition. There is even an adaptive cruise control system that consists of low-speed following capabilities for vehicles with automatic transmissions.

Lesson Learned: You should go the extra mile in each article, content, webpage or even press release to ensure you have smooth transitions from start to finish. Regardless of the size or type of content, smooth and well-structured transitions are essential and play integral roles in the navigation, readability and overall accessibility of your content. Moving too fast (or not fast enough) can cause major problems with your audience – making it hard for them to keep pace and stay focused on your work from start to finish without crashing.

The Odegaard Writing & Research Center recommends evaluating the overall organization of your content before you start working on the transitions within it. Perhaps you could even summarize the main point of each paragraph within a word or two to indicate how it fits into your overall analysis and helps to connect your ideas to one another.

Dime a Dozen: Maintain a Competitive Edge

One common belief is that today’s midsize sedans are a dime a dozen; once you have seen one, you have seen them all. Consumers can easily become swept away by the thought of blending in with the competition – regardless of how much (or little) they redesign and revamp their existing models. Think about the other manufacturers who are also redesigning and revamping their own leading midsize sedans – such as the 2018 Toyota Camry or the high-ranking Hyundai Sonata. Even Buick has joined the race of redesigned sedans with its own 2018 Regal.

In addition to brand recognition and popularity derived from long-term success in the industry, the 2018 Honda Accord has very little to worry about in regards to competition.

Lesson Learned: You must determine what gives your brand and content marketing strategy an edge over the competition. Take the time to study the “models” manufactured by your competitors to see what they have to offer in comparison to what is already in your “showroom.” Primarily, you need to focus on what it is that you are able to bring to the table that leaves your competitors in the dust. That factor will serve as the key to unlocking your competitive edge and perhaps boost your organic exposure and website traffic to new heights.

Generate Buzz to Generate Leads

There is not a lot of pertinent information released about the 2018 Honda Accord aside from its design, structure and several key features. However, some of the biggest questions – such as “What is the fuel mileage per gallon?” or “What is the sticker price?” – are still unanswered for the time being. However, you can always sign up for Honda’s mailing list or subscribe to its social media pages to stay in the loop whenever updates arrive.

Lesson Learned: Make sure that you are generating buzz through your content, webpages and even social media that will compel your readers and customers to sign up or subscribe to your email list so they can learn more. Even if you have already “shown your hand” through your content and have no more surprises hiding under your sleeve, you could still generate a substantial amount of buzz by keeping the interest, excitement and overall engagement of your audience high.

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