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Passion vs Performance: Which Factor Wins Over Your Readers?



Passion. An oft-used word in romance novels, poems about unrequited love and even businesses. The term conjures images of unbridled bursts of love, lovers locked in embrace and entrepreneurs working assiduously over a project. Passion drives romance and businesses, but does it hold a place in content marketing? In order to answer that question, let’s first take a closer look at what passion translates in the world of content marketing.

Redefining Passion in Content Marketing

Although passion is usually intermingled with obsession, there is a clear line in the sand that has been drawn between the two terms. In content marketing, passion can refer to infusing blog posts, infographics, articles, social media content and e-books with enthusiasm about your business. It’s a perpetual commitment to developing an expertise in your industry and providing valuable insights to customers. Content providers that are passionate ensure that each content they create caters to their audience, is written well and, above all, solves their target audiences’ problem.

Passionate content marketers focus on creating content that exceeds readers’ expectations and encourages engagement with the brand.

Enthusiasm Is Infectious

There is no denying that passion translates to paper. It certainly will reflect in your writing. People who have a harmonious passion – which is a healthy interest – in their work were recorded to have greater creativity and focus in their work than those who weren’t, according to a 2011 study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Indeed, aren’t you more likely to be excited about a product or brand when you read a blog about it penned by a passionate writer? If you’re a passionate content marketer excited about your business and invested in truly helping your target audience, then you will automatically become the best spokesperson and salesman for your business’ product or service. The best content marketers are good writers and salesmen.

Let’s Get Creative

A strong interest in creating valuable content inspires creativity. Jodie Miller, Content Strategy and Acquisition Leader at LinkedIn, revealed during an interview with The Content Marketing Institute that, the first step in creating a world-class content team is to find people who don’t feel creating content is work. Miller, one of the top-ranking content providers, suggests hiring people who are passionate about creating good content. Moreover, if the content marketer or team of content creators had fun creating a blog, video or infographic, it will show in their work. Good content is steeped in passion.

Passionate Content Marketers Do Better Work

Besides the fact that readers can easily differentiate between a passionately written piece and one merely as a means to encourage monetary transactions, passionate content marketers automatically do better work. Here’s how. Someone who loves their work will always be happy doing it. They will then automatically produce good work which will be recognized by their superiors, or in this case, the readers. The appreciation from the readers will drive a blogger or content creator to continue doing good work. It’s a wonderful loop. Besides, passionate writers become great storytellers.

The Perfect Marriage Between Passion and Performance

While writing blogs with gusto and fervor is important, experienced content providers emphasize the importance of measuring content frequently to determine its effectiveness. An article about the latest interior decoration trends written by someone with a fascination for it is all well and good, but does it really engage customers?

Below are some useful content marketing tips that will help you measure the performance of your blog post:

  • Page views are a good indicator of whether or not audiences are interested in reading the post’s content.
  • Social media shares also indicate if the content resonated with potential customers.
  • If you’ve included a call to action (CTA) – which all good content should have – measure its efficacy. Did many people sign up for your newsletter? Did people purchase your e-book? Did readers comment on your post? Hubspot has helpfully listed eight highly effective CTAs content marketers should try out.
  • The time readers spent on a blog post is also a good way to glean its success. The longer they stayed on the page, the more relatable its content was to them.

Audience is King

There’s no denying that the audience is the king when it comes to creating content. Understanding your audiences’ persona, their lifestyle, identifying their problems and doing ample research is the key to creating truly amazing and click-worthy content. Passion can certainly hook readers but it must translate to sales leads and higher customer engagement. Like all successful romance novels, emotions must be tempered with a smidge of realism.

Ardath Albee, CEO of Marketing Interactions Inc. and author of Digital Relevance, told the Content Marketing Institute that the one thing businesses should focus on is really getting to know your audience. Knowing them well gives you an insight into the content that will actually resonate with them and help you cross that vast ocean from readers simply reading a blog to becoming a buyer.

Moreover, don’t underestimate your audience. They are smart little fellas who will instantaneously distinguish passionate, well-researched content from mediocre, hastily written ones. When it comes to a war between passion and performance, it’s good to have both at your side.

In conclusion, keeping the above mentioned useful content tips in mind will transform any passionate content writer to a high performing content marketer. If you need help in instilling a generous dollop of passion in your blogs, articles or social media content, feel free to contact Iris Content. We have an in-house team of seasoned writers that are passionate about building content that meets your business needs, drives traffic and aims at improving customer engagement.

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Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 20 years of experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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