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Want to Resonate with Your Audience? Here  Are a Few Copywriting Tips


JULY 2017

What differentiates a great blog from an average one? What makes readers keep reading an article they clicked on? What converts readers to loyal customers? The answer is the connection. Great blogs connect with readers, engage them and ensure that they keep reading their content. The more you relate with your audience, the more likely it is that they will become loyal customers.

However, it isn’t always easy to resonate with your readers. In fact, your target audience may be very different from the way you are. You may be a single mom making ends meet but you are writing for a luxury brand targeting women with large sums of disposable income. Nevertheless, you can still connect with your readers by following these quick and easy copywriting tips:


1.      Identify Your Audience

Before writing any content, ask yourself this crucial question: Who am I writing for? Generate a profile of your target audience. Your blog might be aimed at social media-savvy teenagers who buy products through Instagram or middle-aged mothers who love to cook or an outdoorsy father who loves to take his kids camping.

2.      Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Now that you’ve identity who you’re writing for, it’s time to get creative and think like them. What motivates them? What interests your readers? Visualize an average day in their life. Next, understand why would they want to read your blog. More often than not, most readers seek information or solutions to a problem. Ensure that you give them what they want. For example, if a working mom is looking for easy lunchbox recipes, you need to give her quick five-minute recipes.

One of the best copywriting tips that will help you keep your audience hooked is to state the benefits of your product or service, not just its features. Better yet, show them the benefit with your compelling words. For example, rattling off the list of amenities of a hotel is good, but making your audience picture themselves sitting near the hotel’s pool and sipping a fruity cocktail provided by an eager waiter is even better.

3.      Be an Awesome Storyteller

Appealing to your reader’s emotional rather than rational side will cement your connection with them. There’s no better way to reel in an audience than by telling a fascinating story. Great storytellers make audiences feel rather than think. Emotions are a powerful tool. Use your words to move people.

4.      Have a Face-To-Face Conversation With Them

Every copywriting guide that you come across will emphasize on the importance of using a friendly, conversational tone. Picture your audience as your best friend and then write your blog. Even though several people might read your content, it’s essential to write it as if you are speaking to one friend. That way your copy will have a personal touch. The reader will feel like you’re just a friend offering advice or providing information.

5.      Focus On Your Style and Tone

The tone of your content should reflect the business or brand you’re writing for. If you’re writing for a luxurious fashion brand, you need to be as descriptive and fun as possible. In contrast, writing for a business selling IT products will require a more serious, authoritative tone. Adjust your article’s style and tone according to the company you’re writing for. This will appeal to your customers and help you build a loyal audience in the long-run.

6.      Use Simple Terms

Use clear, concise and simple terms. Write content for a fifth or sixth grader and avoid using fancy words, technical jargons and buzzwords. You’re not here to impress but to persuade. If someone reading your blog needs to get hold of a dictionary to understand it, you’ve already lost them. If you’re explaining complex terms, make the explanation as simple as possible.

7.      Create a Catchy Headline

According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of your content. Your headline will determine whether or not a reader will click on your article. The catchier it is, the better. Spend time on your headline. Don’t just use the first one that pops in your head. Conversion rates provided by Hubspot Research suggest that a headline consisting of 81 to 100 character counts has a higher chance of converting a reader to a customer than one consisting of merely 21 to 40 characters.

8.      Break Things Down in Bullets and Short Paragraphs

A study done by Nielsen Norman Group found that people read only 20% of text on a page. That means, 80% of what you write might not be read by a majority of people. The solution? Use short paragraphs to make content easily digestible. Better yet, use bullet points wherever you can. Go a step further and add graphs, figures and captivating images.

Lists and points make content extremely reader-friendly. It’s no secret that most people simply skim through an article before deciding to read it. Structured and small paragraphs or concise bullet points will give your audience an idea of what you’re trying to say. Using bullets, making lists and inserting paragraphs in your text is one of the best copywriting tips given by experts.

Use these simple copywriting tips and you’ll easily connect with your readers. If you need help in building engaging content, feel free to connect with our awesome and highly experienced team of writers at Iris Content.








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