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10 Best Content Marketing Tips and Tricks from Forbes
JULY 2017

Generating useful content frequently and marketing it in an effective manner is becoming increasingly problematic due to clutter. There are numerous blogs and articles online on the same topic. Fortunately, a few tips and tricks can help you spruce up your web content. Let’s take some sage advice from a well-known magazine: Forbes.

Forbes is one of highest ranking magazines in the world. Published twice a week, the publication is famous for its lists and rankings and insightful articles in numerous fields ranging from finance and business to science. So what wisdom can content marketers imbibe from America’s leading periodical? Lots. Here is a list of the ten best content marketing tips from Forbes:

Focus on Adding Value to Your Prospective Customer

Content marketing is different from other types of marketing because of one key reason: It focuses on the customer rather than the company or its product. Blogs, articles, YouTube videos or any form of content must add value to your customer’s personal life, job, lifestyle or relationships. Sure, you can throw in a bit of information about your products or service, but at the end of the day the article must provide a solution to a problem or enhance their lives in some way.

Strive for CURVE – Curiosity, Urgency, Relevance, Value and Emotion

One of the secrets to creating successful content for prospective customers is to strive for the CURVE. Does your blog make them curious? Does it make them want to take some action? Is it pertinent to your audience’s current situation? Does it give them value? Does your article conjure emotions like fear, surprise or joy?

New Businesses Should Focus Extensively on Content Marketing

Let’s face it: It’s difficult for a new business to get its voice heard in the plethora of clutter. Big brands spend ample money on advertising, content marketing, promotion, publicity and social media. How do you reach your customers and make them want to buy your product rather than a big brand? Simple. Use content marketing.

You don’t need a big budget to create awesome content. Just provide your prospects with valuable information. Use SEO and appropriate keywords in your blogs. Then, ask your audience to sign up for more relevant information and abracadabra – you now have a contact list of potential customers. This lead generation technique is one of the most useful content marketing tips provided by Forbes.

Invest in Video Marketing

Turns out that most people aren’t interested in reading long content or skimming through articles. They want to see rather than read. Forbes suggests investing in video marketing in order to cater to audiences that lead busy lifestyles and need content on-the-go. Consumption of YouTube videos is rapidly growing. In fact, people are watching videos on their mobiles now more than ever. Think about how many videos you’ve watched today.

According to Internet Live Stats, over 69,000 videos are watched on YouTube all over the world in one second!

Forbes suggests creating videos that are heavy on information, accessible, easy to understand and embedding it in your website’s landing page.

Ensure That Your Content Is Suitable for Mobile Devices

People aren’t just watching videos on their mobiles, they’re reading blogs, news articles and books on them. Which means, businesses need to ensure that all their content – and that means all – can be easily viewed on mobile devices. According to Hubspot, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than computers in 10 countries including the United States and Japan.

Don’t Forget Facebook

Facebook may not be as valuable today as it was in the past, but it’s still an effective tool to test what kind of content works with your audience.

Visual Content Is On the Rise

Visual content is here to stay. Just look at the surge in popularity of Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest. Forbes recommends extensively using captivating images in your blogs and articles. Better yet, hire a photographer and designer to create visually appealing content. Take professional photos of your products. The cliché a picture is worth a thousand words holds true in content marketing.

Customers Trust User-Generated Content

Of all the content marketing tips doled out by Forbes, the most useful one is to concentrate on user-generated content. People tend to trust content created by others more rather than ones created by businesses. And trust is vital in content marketing.

User-generated content can take the form of social media shares, reviews, comments, YouTube videos and guest posts.

Tell Great Stories

Providing information is great but if you can weave it into a story then that’s even better. Become a great storyteller and try to use as much emotion as possible in your content. People are more likely to read a blog peppered with emotions than one that simply states product information and statistics.

Create Different Types Of Content

It’s time to take advantage of different types of content in 2017. Forget blogs. Why not create an app, use Facebook and Instagram Live, create a virtual reality experience, self-publish a book, make infographics, create a funny meme, write an exhaustive guide, create a podcast? Don’t be afraid to try. The possibilities are endless.

Now go ahead and give these handy dandy content marketing tips from Forbes a try. Content creation and marketing is here to stay but it’s always important to experiment and see what works for your business. Of course, creating engaging content consistently for a business isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So take advantage of our super talented team of experienced writers at Iris Content. Get in touch with us now to create a loyal audience and cut through the cacophony of existing content.

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