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How To Write What Readers’ Brains Crave For


JUNE 2017

Back in journalism school, one of the first things they taught would-be journalists is to always answer the 5 Ws and 1 H. These are the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHICH and WHY and of course, the HOW. A good journalist would always satisfy their readers (or audience) by answering these. Today’s content marketing creation doesn’t seem to be different from my college days. In fact, it’s more needed right now if you want readership. In the case of online marketing, it means getting potential users and future customers to get to read your material. Satisfy that and you’ve got an audience that’s going to be glued to what you want to say. Why? Because you have just created content that readers’ minds hunger for. They’re hungry and they want their fix. You as a content writer need to write awesome content that’s brain-craving.

 Easy enough?

Not really. It’s a lot of hard work creating this kind of content. In today’s fast-paced society, we now already know that readers love scanning articles, their attention span is so short and visual content are more attractive than just plain text. If you can make content easier for the brains of your readers to digest and absorb, then good for you! Readers seem to not want to be stressed with a lot of reading, digesting and absorbing. If they can get the information they need and want, in the littlest and easiest way they can, they will. They’re brains apparently love shortcuts. But who doesn’t?

First is to start with the basics and that is to use words. As a marketer, we know how powerful words can be to motivate, influence, coerce and intrinsically make the reader move on to some positive action. As a journalist, we also know that words have certain magical powers of persuasion. You just need to find the right ones that can trigger your desired action. If it’s a short-cut word that can automatically influence, then that’s that magic word. And it’s not just about which words to use; it is also about where to place them to maximize their full potential. Placing is key – so your power words must be found at the beginning of a headline, in sub-headers, in titles, etc.

Powerful and magical words

These words have a certain magic that only the brains of your readers seem to crave for:

  1. FREE

Let’s face it, we all want free stuff. There is a certain pulling power to this word. Call it man’s basic desire because we’ve always had it free back when we were still small. We loved free stuff back then (food, treats, toys, gifts, etc.), and we still love them today. So getting free things takes us back to those wonderful innocent days. Or it could be, we were taught the simple things in life are free: air, hugs, kisses, love, friendships, etc.) and so we want to come back to that comfort zone of having free stuff.

Whatever it is that people are attracted to this word, keep this in mind when you write awesome content because it works!

  1. NEW

We live in a hi-tech world and society dictates what things in our lives make us feel good about ourselves. This includes things that are innovative, useful, stylish and new. When readers see the word NEW, their feel-good juices come out and their brains tell them, you will be rewarded with something that will make you feel good. The word screams at you “improved”, “positive” and “I want it”.

Content creators use language to influence shoppers with the way they buy stuff. A loyal candy lover will somehow think twice when seeing a different brand with a NEW package and NEW flavor and NEW sensation and move away from his favorite candy.

  1. YOU

The word is the most influential in the English language. Writers take note of how consumers think about the impact of your product on their lives. So frame your product in terms of their needs, their desires, and their feelings. When they read that you direct your attention to them, using YOU, you draw empathy and that makes them know you care for them.


It’s no secret, the word has a certain power. It’s like, when you have a secret, you are like one up on the others because you know something the rest of the buying world doesn’t know. You have information that can be valuable.


We are all logical in one way or another and our desire for a reason with why things happen is insatiable. Readers’ brains desire answers and want order. By using BECAUSE, you satisfy a craving. If you want something to happen, try using the word when you write awesome content and see how it can be more influential if you don’t give an answer to the question WHY. The “cause and effect” relationship get to be complete. Cravings satisfied.

Powerful and magical method

There’s no magical way to go about it except to use simple and easy ways in your content. Something that readers’ brains can understand easily and quickly. Remember, their brains don’t like a lot of work. So keep it simple and easy to think about and understand. No stressing extra neurons, please.

Why does this method work? Maybe it’s because if it’s easy to understand, there’s no hiding anything. You are direct to the point, with no beating around the bush. WYSIWYG and all that. There is a certain fear that when words get to be confusing, it probably is going to trick them into something so they will just skip that part.

So when you write awesome content, go ahead and write clearly and orderly, concisely and meaningfully. You can never go wrong with something that instantly and easily jumps out to the readers telling them what they need. In the simplest of ways and in the most powerful of words.

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Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 20 years of experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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