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How To Improve Your Content Marketing Results In Less Than 60 Days


MARCH 2017

And so your business has decided to embark on doing content marketing. You’ve been hearing the benefits, you’ve read about the results and you’re ready to put in some hard-earned money to increase your sales. You’ve scouted around and hired the best marketers to give you the much needed content marketing help available. The question now that remains to be answered is: When can I expect results?

Six months! That’s the safest answer by any marketer especially if the strategies are right and done properly. But remember, nothing worthwhile comes easy. You’ve got to work hard on it and put serious thought into one helluva strategy to come up with great content marketing results.

Before you can even endeavor a strategy, you need to know some factors that will affect your timeline to make your chances at success even greater.

What you can and cannot control

Well, for sure, you have control of your goals for your strategy. You have control of your budget and how much to invest and when to invest. Also, what actually do you consider a successful campaign and what is a failure. Some may put a huge expectation on results and when they don’t achieve it, they call it a failure. Others, however, put expectation in check, therefore, if all things fail, they still see it as a mini-success.

Finally, you can control the amount of content you put out, when you want to release them and of course, the quality of the content you produce.

Unfortunately, there will be things you have no control of like the economy. Unless you live in a monopoly or an absolute monarchy, where you can predict the way your country’s economy will grow, in our capitalistic situation, things like the marketplace, trade and industry are somewhat out of your control. One more thing, unless you can afford to hire a spy in all your competitors’ offices, you also have no control of what your competitors are up to.

 What you can do

So let’s just concentrate on the stuff you can control.

  1. Determine your plan of action – Your strategy is all yours so feel free to do what you think are the best practices. Consider what your goals are and where you can source your budget. What may work for your competition may not work for yours.
  1. Be specific with your goals – Specific and unique. And let me add sensible. Your brand will be different from your nearest competitors so you may not have the same objectives. If your target is to hit a certain demographic, then clearly define who your target audience is.
  1. What are your resources – Know how far you ca go with your budget. You may set goals too high but find out later, it’s not too realistic. How much can you put into content marketing? Will you need more expert content marketing help? If you need to outsource, then do it.
  1. Pick out specific criteria. If you set a specific target, know what then a win is and what a loss is. Then you can concentrate on optimization strategies and adjustments.
  1. Publish regularly – Set a pace on when to publish but do it on regularly. Make it frequent enough for you audience to be engaged and excited for your next publishing. But not too frequently that you bombard them with too much content to handle. Keep them engaged, don’t drown them.
  1. Promote on the right platforms. What is a great piece of content if you don’t let everybody know about it? Promote it on social media, on PPC campaigns, and link with the right market influencers who can boost your business to their followers.
  1. Great content – i cannot emphasize more the need for content that’s not your regular kind of content. Over and over you will see expert content providers creating engaging content, one that audiences truly appreciate – a great relatable story. This should be the kind of content you aim for – creating something that’s worth reading. From the words in your opening paragraph, down to your sub headers, images, videos (or any other type of content) and conclusions, all of these can give you leads for your content marketing. Getting personal with your content could boost engagement with your audience since they are actually getting a feel of who you are as a brand.
  1. Titles should be optimized – Get content marketing help with creating engaging and click-worthy titles for your content. There are online headline analyzers for you to use to create titles that use your keywords to help you create a stunning headline captivating enough to lure in the readers. Once you’ve mastered the art of headline creation, it’s time to move on to creating sub headers. Headers help readers scan through your content and make them know what they are about to read. Headers and titles are not the only ones that can be optimized. Keywords in the URLs are also a big help for audiences to find you.
  1. Call to action – Just relying on traffic cannot guarantee that you will see returns. That’s why calls to action that are strategically placed on your website is key. Is your CTA button at the bottom? Or is it a plugin CTA button. See and experiment which placement works well with your visitors.

What if there are still poor results

Then there’s only one thing left to do and that is to adjust. There could be many reasons why results are poor. Maybe you’re not publishing frequently or not promoting properly and on the right channels. Your content quality could be poor, too or totally unidentifiable to your audience. Put a little more money on good content creation. Or maybe you’re not optimizing your content.

The timeline is not set. There can be so many factors that will lead to success or failure. Your 6 months could take longer than expected. But if you want assurance of 6 months, then do what’s necessary to meet expectations. Content marketing takes careful time – nothing can be instant. But remember this acronym – O.L.A. – 1.) Be ORIGINAL; 2.) LISTEN to your audience’s wants and needs; 3.) ANSWER their wants and needs to give them a wonderful customer experience in your site.

Do these and who knows, with the right content marketing help, you could win in less than 6 months.

Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 19 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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