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These Brands Made It Big With Content Marketing


MARCH 2017

How does one categorize a brand as a “marketing success”? The rules of marketing have levelled up in today’s digital world. And new players have gained a considerable chunk of consumer awareness and loyalty in a short span of time which most of the big-time players took decades to achieve.

They have technology to thank – smartphones, fast internet, cloud computing and even free online marketing tools. Let’s analyze a few of these brands that have achieved considerable success with content marketing so far in 2017.

While it’s too early to make a “Top X Brands With Content Marketing Success” list, these brands have had a whirlwind 2016 and have spilled over well into 2017.

Category: FOOD


Love it or hate it, Starbucks has transcended competitors in all facets. This is due mainly through smart content marketing help and campaigns promoting honest to goodness quality coffee. Among the many successful campaigns they’ve had in 2016 are the 10-episode Upstanders, 1st and Main, and recently, the 1912 Pike.

With brilliant content, this web publication offers readers some of the most memorable, authentic and heartwarming stories related to the coffee giant. If you click on “Supporting veterans through coffee” you will learn about how The Seattle Stand Down provides veterans many different services every December. They offer more than just freshly brewed coffee. Satisfying a fundamental need – social comfort and inspiration to nurture the human spirit.

Category: TRAVEL


If you think letting complete strangers come into your homes to stay is crazy, consider that in 2008, Airbnb founders thought it wasn’t such a crazy idea. And they were right! Now there’s been some 140 million “stranger arrivals” in less than 10 years. It has recreated travel into something unimaginable 10 years ago – building an online platform for hotel-like accommodations using people’s homes. How do they do it? Use simple interface, affordable rates, wonderfully written content and stunning photography that’s truly inviting. All these appeal to viewers with a kind of safe homey-ness that’s too good to pass up.

Category: FINANCE

Morgan Stanley

If you look at Morgan Stanley’s website, you wouldn’t think it’s a financial services giant. Before you even find out what they do, they’d have given you more information than you need through their content. One of its business content marketing strategies was the employment of expert content providers to give valuable thought leadership. And a complete overhaul of their site to give it an amazing look – one that doesn’t feel like it has anything to do with finance.

The site serves many purposes for different people. There are the usual global market stories, latest financial news and investment opportunities. But more than that, they also have financial stories that ordinary consumers can easily understand or relate to. An example is “Why Luxury Brands Need To Go Digital.” With low online presence, luxury brands need to embrace the world of online consumerism. This article serves both low and high-end brands and both low and high-end consumers. This shows how great business content 2017 can educate both fans and non-fans of luxury brands.



This online marketplace isn’t lacking of content. In fact it’s filled with content from over 1.6 million sellers from around the world. Sellers who are artisans and craftspersons are given an enormous opportunity to showcase their unique products. The main idea here is to keep content engaging between sellers and buyers. Content includes photos and descriptions with a matching inspiring story. The blog is updated almost every day with different sellers and their goods featured. Etsy’s social media accounts promote their sellers’ stores through links so readers can go directly to the sellers’ sites to see more of their products. By promoting the seller, Etsy hopes that users will love what they see and go back to Etsy to buy. And it has worked tremendously.



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IBM has been in the tech forefront for over 50 years. It has always been active at educating their customers through their many educational videos.

Recently, they launched their THINK Magazine site. It’s a huge repository of digital marketing articles made by key influencers, third-party sources and in-house IBM writers. The Big Blue shift here is doing content marketing that isn’t just advertisement. It’s now centered through serious strategies, taking quality over quantity and leveraging leading market influencers.


All these brands, while only a few, are poised to do well in 2017. While it’s only the first quarter of the year, it’s very clear that they value the effects that great business content can give. It’s the best way to connect with their audiences and generate leads. You can only get inspired by their content 2017 success to jumpstart your own content marketing strategies.

Annie Ianko

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