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Are You a Content Marketer? Here Are The New Skills You Should Learn This Year



Have you made any drastic changes in your content marketing strategies? Is your content marketing agency looking for new ways to improve their skills? If you think your team is stagnating, it’s time to wake them up. Content marketing is ever evolving but content marketers are not. Each day, the industry brings in new ideas and innovations in a constant flux. So our focus now turns to essential skills because the pressure to excel and be better than the average marketer Joe is at an all-time high. There now seems to be a need for the content marketer extraordinaire that sets him apart from the competition.

Let’s see if you possess these 6 skills, if not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. It’s still February anyway.

  1. Video content marketing

No doubt about it, video marketing and everybody’s new favorite: live video will be huge this year. YouTube is second only to Google as a search engine because more people are turning to video not just for entertainment but also for answers to their problems. This is the perfect avenue to reach audiences simply because video is easier for the users to digest.

Not all marketers know video content marketing but it will be a useful skill to have to reach a larger audience and make your brand more memorable. The challenge here is to create high-quality video/live video using hi-tech equipment and exceptional on-screen talent.

  1. Better SEO skills

No, SEO is not dead. Marketers know this. And having more-than-basic SEO skills will put you ahead of those who rely on the general SEO professional. Know how to use and apply the ever-updating algorithms and Google’s best practices. You don’t have to make SEO your main skill but it will be beneficial if you have a comprehensive awareness and understanding of SEO basic principles, its functions and rewards.

  1. Data analytic skills

Having mentioned SEO skills, equally important (and often overlooked) is having data analytic skills. It is the very foundation of marketing and trying to understand our target audience and how we can effectively address them. These large amounts of data that are collected and analyzed can interpret results and then find ways to turn them into a plan of action. Marketers take control of marketing budgets. They can classify customers, know their search patterns, buying processes, behaviors and preferences. Use the many analytics tools available and not just Google Analytics.

  1. Technical skills

Yes you took up a marketing degree to avoid having to touch technical skills and all the IT-related stuff. But this year, it’s a great big edge to know these.

  • SQL – This is database language that is not a difficult skill to learn. It is useful for marketers to know what questions to ask their customers, how they are reacting to your product, etc.


  • HTML/CSS – Being skilled at making a website is a big plus, not necessarily in coding or creating websites from scratch. But with this skill comes the advantage of being able to visualize your content right away.


  • UX/Basic design skills – You don’t always have to rely of your design team especially if you have some basic design skills in creating a landing page or infographic or even editing a shareable image.


  • WordPress (or other CMS) – Knowing how to get around WordPress or any other content management system is a necessary skill for any marketer since publishing content is our main concern.


  1. Third-Platform Skills

Not too widely used is having third-platform skills which is slowly growing in demand. Companies are looking for Information Technology professionals skilled in mobility, social media, cloud computing and big-data. There is a connection between IT and marketing and basic knowledge of these third-platform skills will greatly benefit the content marketing agency. Even business will benefit in many ways through cloud data processing, incorporating data sources (like social media) and turning this data into practical use. Businesses need to take advantage of this technology and reap the rewards of IT.


  1. Business Intelligence

It’s quite clear that there is a connection between online marketing and business intelligence. These two were made for each other to work hand in hand. Business intelligence uses big amounts of data and turning them into digestible information to benefit a company or industry. So does online marketing which is ever hungry to get vital data about the entirety of a customer, niche or audience and make important decisions to improve ROI.

It all boils down to data – sweet delicious data! So a marketer with this business intelligence can offer better results for his clients. Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t see this concept as beneficial. Not yet anyway.

Have a repertoire of these skills to be competitive this year but if you think this list is a bit too much, don’t be disheartened. The bottom line this year for any content marketing agency is to never stop learning and always find ways to go with the flow of our ever evolving industry.


Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 19 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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