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Find Your Corner of the Sky Using Niche Specific Content Marketing


We’ve all been there before. After college, we wanted to “find our place in the sun” or “go the distance” and “seek our own happiness.” But how many times did we stop to ponder whether we are spreading ourselves too thinly and we trying to be all things all at once. If you’re a content marketer who is doing all things, then you probably are wasting more resources than you realize.

In reality, there is no business – in the entire business world – that can do everything for everybody. It’s impossible but wouldn’t it be wonderful? Everything that you absolutely need and are looking for can be found in one source?

But that is not the case. Which is why you should cater to a specific market – or corner of that business sky – and define a specific audience in order to survive. This is called creating a niche and many successful businesses have done this simply because they have defined what specific niche they want to cater to. The difference between retailers Walmart and Nordstrom is that they appeal to different niches. Walmart targets bargain-hunters while Nordstrom shoppers are more into luxury shopping.


It’s not that simple

But finding your niche isn’t as simple as sifting through pebbles in your garden or looking up and hoping it will fall from the sky. Niches should be carefully planned and executed.

Many businesses think they can accomplish more by being good at everything or by catering to more and being everywhere on the map. They soon realize that being “big” isn’t always the answer. That smaller sometimes is better since it is more highly focused on one thing.

This is where niche specific content marketing plays an important role to the low budgeted business. It’s time to market to a smaller audience and focus our resources on the customers we know needs us the most because we know them the best. And because they need us, we want to serve them better and can speak to them directly. It’s like the union of all cells in a huge Venn Diagram – it’s very specific.

Let’s start strategizing

Forget budget and focus on your audience. Who are your customers and zoom in and whet their appetites by doing the following:

  1. Design your content around your audience. Whatever you think of in terms of planning you should have your target market in mind in the beginning, in the middle and in the end. Use keywords that you know will attract them like moth to a flame, because you know what they are looking for. You are thinking ahead into the solutions so use words that will solve their problems.
  1. A call to action is very important. Once you’ve established that connection with your audience, it will be easy for you to invite them to do you a favor by sharing, reposting, liking or retweeting what you have just offered. And while they’re already hooked on to your every word, why not invite them to your mailing list as well, so that you can speak more directly and more intimately to them. These people are most likely rabid fans of your product and the niche they love, so letting them share to people who have the same passion as they have will just broaden your audience with their help.
  1. If your business caters to a wider-than-normal audience, try breaking them down to smaller demographics. For example, if your product is offered to people between the ages 18 to 50, try to narrow the range to females or single mothers. Or if your business is selling industrial kitchen equipment, break it down to fast food kitchens. You can even target a phase of your ideal customer’s buying patterns like before deciding to upgrade their internet plans. Then work your niche specific content marketing around these smaller groups. For now, focus on the smaller ones because once you’ve built better relationships with this one, it will be easier to expand to a slightly wider audience or a slightly bigger demographic. Bottom line is: if you can narrow it down further – age range, ethnicity or race, buying stage, or even specific end-users – the more detailed, the better.
  1. Lastly, reward your loyal customers with simple joys like exclusive deals, inside information, freebies, discounts, sale events, etc. through a VIP email list. Nothing makes them feel more special than being called a VIP.

Now that you have a more specific target audience, it will be much easier to tell your story through well-written content and well-strategized niche specific content marketing.  It’ll be much easier for your audience to digest and share. Remember to make a sincere connection with them, make them feel special, soon you will be able to move on to another niche, and then another – the market possibilities are endless.

Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 19 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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