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What Are Your Competitors Doing in 2017 and How Should You Prioritize Your Content Creation?



2016 was a banner year for Content Marketing. It seems to just get better and better. But last year was truly epic! We’re not only talking about the amount of content that was produced and the sheer amount of money that was involved and invested in content marketing, but also in the combined efforts in creativity and resourcefulness that came out of content marketers. That total content mass jumped a million times as compared to the previous year. Content marketers are now looking forward to content creation 2017 and are ready to face new challenges in strategies that can be better than last year to get ahead of the competition. Remember, today’s Internet users are getting more and more diverse and the challenge to invite and engage them into your business is at an all-time high.

What strategies?

But, the bigger questions are: where do you begin? What do you prioritize? How should you start your plan of action? It’s always good to look back at the past to see what we can learn and improve on. So see what strategies worked well in 2016, how trending were they, what were the audience’s responses and will they still work this year? If you ask experts what the best strategies for content creation 2017 are, you will never hear the end of it for there are hundreds of them, albeit all good.

What your competitors are doing in 2017

If you’ve had a good content year last year, you can’t sit back and relax and wait for the next best thing to happen. The competition is already engaging in these strategies so might as well do them one better.

  • Use of analytics

Marketers could gain a lot of useful information from the thousands of bits of data that a well-organized analytics platform can give. If your company is not yet prioritizing the use of analytics, maybe you should be investing on this more this year. Marketers can see such indispensable information like the most engaged types of content or which content categories have the least traffic. Analytics also help us identify different persona engagements and trends. In effect, they give us a clearer picture of our target audience. In 2017, a content strategy that is based on analytic data is a must.

  • Use of “influencer marketing”

We didn’t hear this term quite as popularly as “content marketing” but it was high up there. We will see a massive growth to the creation of content with influencers this year. Influencer content marketing is combining the given powers of market influencers into your own marketing strategy. This allows your content to reach an untapped audience who may see it as authentic as the influencer’s content style. They also boost engagement as they co-create material with you.

  • Use of Content Hubs

It was already widely used in 2016 but this year, there will be more content hubs. Think of it as a mall with a concentrated line of shops. A one-stop-shop of content  providers that are similar in niche topics. One niche could have so many topics that your audience in a way, gets educated and knowledgeable just by seeing other articles in the hub.

  • Use of Live Stream, Expiring Content and Virtual Reality

Live streaming will be more popular this year than ever. It may have trended last year with popular apps like Facebook Live and YouTube Live but it will get even bigger. They let users show live events and promotions, give businesses live briefings, tutorials, launches and many more! Expiring video content will also be big like Snapchat (which surpassed YouTube in the number of shares), Instagram Story and Facebook Messenger’s My Day. For some, video marketing will surpass all other marketing strategies this year especially with the entry of virtual reality. Now, people can “virtually experience” their purchases before they click buy.

  • Use of mobile compatible content

It cannot be denied that mobile phones are increasing in staggering numbers so it makes perfect sense for businesses to take advantage of this platform. People spend an enormous amount of time searching, reading and shopping on their smartphones! Google’s AMP can help you with this. If your business was not mobile-friendly in 2016, it should be your priority.

  • And finally, use of better blogging

Blogging was and will still be the number one content type for marketers. So how do you stand out from the rest? Use better content, of course! Use a viral challenge or whimsical quizzes, attractive visuals, etc. But most importantly, have truly useful and valuable content. Keep practicing at becoming a better blogger. Diversify your content to expand your audience. Answer their questions and do thorough research. Then, write that honest-to-goodness killer post better than anybody else. Remember that what may be good content to some can still get better while the bad ones will be overlooked.

The year that was gave us so many surprises that made or broke many businesses. How they were used by marketers spelled the difference between profit and loss. But still, things will look better for content creation 2017. The year has only just begun. Hold on tighter because it’s going to be a fun and bumpy ride!

Annie Ianko

Content Creation Specialist

Annie has 18 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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