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2017 Content Writing: For a Happy New Valuable Writing Year



As we were heading into 2017, we, here at Iris Content, already shared with you a few of our knowledgeable tips on how content creation will look this year. One thing is sure: this year will all be about value. If you’ve been around content for a while, you have noticed how the landscape for content is changing and evolving every year, as your clients’ values become more focused on getting real, valuable information. Consumers are dictating what type of content they want to engage with and how they want to interact with it.  They do not want to be sold things anymore, not without a say in the quality of the content that helps promote the selling process. Consumers are becoming more technology savvy and the content for 2017 needs to respond to their demands.

These 2017 content tips can take you to the next level in your content marketing strategy and give you an edge in the New Year that will pay off with big results for the content your business publishes. Heed this advice as you prepare your content marketing plan for 2017 as you want to stay relevant to your customers and not have them moving on to your competitors that will no doubt be taking advantage of these 2017 content tips.

  1. Create A Focused Strategy

One of the most important things for you to do as a content marketer is to focus your efforts on developing a strategy for the content you are putting out for 2017. There should be an active plan that involves multiple platforms and content variety that will inspire consumers to respond and connect with your business and its products and services. This 2017 content tip involves taking the time to actually think about what information your customers want from you and how they want to receive it. Developing a strategy for 2017 will give you a leg up on understanding your customers and their needs and you will be able to respond with content accordingly.

  1. Develop More In-Depth Content

More than ever, there is a move toward quality content. The content you develop for 2017 should encompass more details than was required in the past and it should be accompanied by images, infographics, and video. You will need to provide content in 2017 that stands out from the clutter that is on the internet and really informs your customers. This will have them coming back for more and allow you to stay relevant in a market that is getting saturated by content. While not all the content that is out there is quality content, focusing your strategy to provide in-depth content that truly gives the customer what they are looking for will give you the edge you need to compete using this 2017 content tip.

  1. Use Native Advertising

As social media takes a stronghold in 2017, you will see a gravitation for businesses to use more native advertising to get their message out to the masses. These boosted posts will help promote your content and ensure it is viewed by the most customers possible. While there has always been a focus on developing content, 2017 brings the addition of making sure your content is promoted so your customers don’t have to seek it out as hard. More consumers will see your content and more individuals will interact with it, making native advertising an important 2017 content tip to utilize.

  1. Incorporate Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is becoming more of a trend and will really take shape as we enter 2017 with content marketing. Virtual reality is the perfect way to give consumers a firsthand look at products and services and will be the way that you interact with them going forward as they demand this technology from businesses. Add virtual reality to your content arsenal and use this 2017 content tip to give your customers a new way to interact with your business.

You can expect these content marketing trends to really take a foothold in 2017 and become the new way that you connect with customers through content publishing. Content marketers need to change with the market they are serving and engage with their customers through these trends. Utilize these 2017 content tips to make the most of your content marketing plans for 2017 so you garner the most ROI for your efforts and see the revenue you expect out of your content posts.

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Annie Ianko

Content Creation Specialist

Annie has 18 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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