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Halloween Content: How Should this Spooky Time Help You Sell More?



In recent years, big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Halloween have gone through an exponential growth in e-commerce sales. With Halloween just around the corner, we’re all getting into the holiday spirit. What does that mean aside from family gatherings and enjoying our favorite holiday dishes and TV specials?

It means we shop more so that we feel prepared. Halloween is undoubtedly the holiday that gives the tone to the explosive season of spending. After all, who would want to be left out and not wear a costume this Halloween? This translates into great news for companies. It means you have a chance to promote your brand with Halloween content, whether you’re selling candies or own a travel blog.

The Halloween quiver has always fascinated consumers so you must be ready to treat your customers this year if you want to stay ahead with your business sales. It is estimated that Americans will be spending approximately $8.4 billion for their 2016 Halloween and the craze has already begun! Whether they’re spending money on crazy and original costumes, make up, candies for the young visitors, or ornaments, they surely want to make the most of the spooky season.

There are many trends, tricks, and tips that content marketing experts suggest you use to increase your sales this Halloween. Just look at this holiday as a chance for your company to show how creative you are as well as an opportunity to show your dark side to your customers, in a way that is fun and exciting. You can let your imagination loose and embrace more fresh ideas that will thrill your customers into buying more of your services.

Before we elaborate on these helpful tips to get you started, there are three main ingredients that you need to consider if you want to succeed with Halloween content:

It’s All about the Millennials

You got that right: kids aren’t the only ones who love Halloween. In fact, according to a survey, Millennials aged 18-34 adore to be part of the black and orange madness. So when promoting your products, make sure you know exactly which audience to target.

Social Media Is King (or Queen)

In today’s online world, social media is a crucial tool in promoting and advertising whatever services your business provides. You cannot run a successful business without knowing the magical power of social media. Because holidays are a season when people get together, they will also use social media to connect more and to engage in activities online more than in any time of the year. So don’t underestimate the impact that social media could have on your sales this Halloween. Learn more below.

Go Mobile

Teenagers and adults alike are practically glued to their mobiles these days. More and more people are using internet while on the go with studies indicating that around 50% of online shopping occurs via mobile. This is why you need to have a mobile-friendly website: so you can ease the mobile user shopping experience and increase the chances for your sales to go up.

Now that we’ve established these key aspects of successful content marketing, here are some more suggestions on how to ripe the benefits of fun-tastic and outrageous Halloween sales:

  1. Decorate your online store

We all love decorations and colorful ornaments, especially the interactive ones (yes, I’m talking about a giant spider that crawl its way towards you or the skeleton that pops out of the ceiling). One strategy to attract more clients and boost sales this Halloween is to use decorations for your website. Online visitors will feel more welcome if they encounter a page that puts them in the right mood. Maybe a scary spider for a search bar or installing a themed add-on is the fresh design you need this season.

  1. Use Halloween hashtags

When promoting your products online, you can let your creative juices flow and come up with appealing Halloween hashtags to use on Facebook or Twitter such as #spooktacular which was successfully used by the Bath & Body Works brand. You could also try #HotCostumes or #ScaryAndDaring, depending on what tone you’re going for. You’re welcome!

  1. Horror story time

Personal spooky tales sell. If you have a blog, don’t hesitate to come up with an original Halloween article where you narrate something that happened to you last Halloween or when you were a kid. Who knows? Maybe it will even go viral.

  1. Use famous Halloween characters

If you want your product to reach a wider audience this season, you can make your content come alive by relating your product to a Halloween legend like Frankenstein or Dracula or any other scary monsters that will enchant and simultaneously terrify buyers.

  1. User-generated content

Engage people on social media by asking them to share their Halloween plans or their costume photos. If you can relate this to your product and have your followers use a hashtag as well, then you will get user-generated advertising for a while – needless to say, this is absolutely great for your business no matter what you sell!

  1. Promotions, discounts, contests, and free treats

People love any special offers you may have for them, especially if they involve their favorite holiday. Halloween is a great time to show customers that you care about them and that you want them to feel special. Organizing contests or giving away free gifts will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. And because they’re so excited about the next thing that may be in store for them (pun intended), they’ll come back for more!

  1. Create a themed video

If you’ve heard of the #ScaredStainless Tide campaign from 2013, then you know what we’re talking about. You can also promote your product by putting out there a small clip which parodies a horror movie. Why not get inspired with the classical Rocky Horror Picture Show for an ad to make up, for example? You’re welcome again.

“When promoting your products online, you can let your creative juices flow and come up with appealing Halloween hashtags to use on Facebook or Twitter such as #spooktacular which was successfully used by the Bath & Body Works brand.”

Keep the Halloween spirit alive with these holiday trends and your sales will go crazy. Your followers will thank you for engaging them in the season conversation and you’ll be able to score with great online content.

We’re a content writing agency that strives to bring creative and refreshing content to promote your business. Think Halloween is all about pumpkins, candies, and scary outfits? Think again. If you want to boost your sales, engage readers in the holiday frenzy, and create great content, you can contact Iris Content. We’re here for you!


Annie Ianko

Content Happiness Advisor

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