5 Controversial Blog Conversation Starters

5 Controversial Blog Conversation Starters


In the world of crazy, busy, information-overloaded blog marketing, everyone wants to know one big secret: how do the best marketing blogs go viral? In fact, how do the top internet marketing blogs manage to get their traffic to soar with just one or two amazing pieces of content?

Blog Marketing – Is There Really a Secret?

If you’re involved in the world of marketing online, you know how important a steady stream of traffic is. Informative posts and how-to guides may bring you a steady flow of visitors, but you really need something more.

Think about the effect of a gasp. It gets people talking, right? And that is why we think controversial conversation starters could take you from hobby blogger to right up the ranks among the top internet marketing blogs.

Not only is controversy a brilliant way to put your brand out there, it also encourages reads, comments and shares. 

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What Makes a Content Marketing Blog Controversial?

You probably know that controversial content raises eyebrows. It may get blood boiling and temperatures rising. It certainly incites emotion. No matter what reaction you’re going for with your online marketing blogs, you want exactly that – a reaction.

This is why controversial content and conversation starters tend to enjoy the most reader engagement. (See Neil Patel’s experiment with controversy here!).

What About Those Conversation Starters?

  1. Personal Confrontation

Are you fed up with someone’s behavior? Think Hilary is going to come up trumps in the upcoming election? Use it for your blog marketing discussion. Stay away from crossing the line or becoming offensive – that only serves to damage you and your brand’s credibility. But don’t be scared to challenge another industry leader’s thoughts or some of the top internet marketing blogs out there.

  1. Discuss Social Issues

Something in the news got everyone huffing, ranting and disagreeing? Share your opinion with your readers. Just remember to have a strong back up to your viewpoint and tangible facts. It’s important to keep these kinds of posts free of emotion, to be clearheaded but to get your point across strongly. You don’t want to look as though you’re sitting on the fence. That means never apologizing for your stance and supporting it with logical argument.

  1. Images That Get People Commenting

Post an image that gets opinionated readers running for their keyboards.

  1. Ask Your Readers a Question

You could always stir up opinionated conversation by opening with a question. Think along the lines of something that will get different opinions shouting out. It could be about an upcoming event, or Johnny Depp’s’ latest fall from grace. Ask something pretty irresistible and watch the comments fly.

  1. Talk About a New Story That’s Trending

#discussiontime! Whether it’s the current EU “Brexit” campaign or Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, try putting a humorous spin on a trending story and watch your blog traffic soar.

What’s the Point?

Controversial blog conversation starters actually offer a dual purpose. They serve to increase reads, interaction and shares. But they also strengthen your brand and your position as a thought leader. Getting people talking can serve to build your following and enhance engagement with other blog marketing campaigns.

Be very careful not to moan for the sake of it, though. When it comes to controversial conversation starters, make sure you have a clear purpose. Some of the top internet marketing blogs keep these tips in mind:

  • The end goal
  • The reader
  • The affect the content will have on the reader
  • How to engage in follow-up conversation

Final Word

It takes practice, patience and caution when penning a controversial marketing blog. By all means, push the envelope, but don’t shred it.

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