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Why Content? Why Now?

There is no doubt about it: fresh, informative and interesting content will always be essential to a business’ online success. No matter what you sell or what services you are trying to promote, there is just no way around this. Sadly, still, many businesses underestimate the effectiveness of a good content marketing strategy. So, why do you need to put your content needs in order, in 2017 and beyond?

Digital Voice

To give your organization a well-established digital voice

No matter if they are a buying customer or not, anybody can connect with your business online today. This means an endless pool of potential new leads so adjusting your content to their needs as well can actually be key to your ongoing success.

Your content should be exactly tailored to work as your ultimate customer service or brand communication technique. It should be everything they need when engaging with your business. That voice has to be dynamic, clear and unique. It is the only way you will be able to retain your old clients and bring in new ones.

To direct all your content marketing efforts towards performance

All types of content have a very well established place in improving your business’ online presence. Don’t only direct your content marketing efforts towards ways of selling your services. Invest in creating informative, interesting pieces that will add value to your online discourse.

While authority focused content has been discussed as one of the only winning marketing strategies for years now, this is getting more and more important. We live in an internet age where, if you don’t succeed in catering the right type of information to your readership, the quality of your services or products will no longer matter.

Digital Voice
Digital Voice

To improve your ROI

A decade ago, you could probably see a pretty decent return on your advertising investment by taking out a large ad in the yellow pages. Since then, times and technology have changed, people go online now to find services, and it is where you should be focusing your advertising efforts. Doing this the right way is what you need to be concerned about. Paying for clicks or display advertising space may get you some visitors, but those kinds of campaigns can end up costing you thousands, with no clients in return.

Content marketing gives you an advertising tool that will continue to work, and build upon itself, as long as your website stays up. The visitors you get will not directly cost you a penny. You will not be paying for clicks, views, impressions, or anything on the visitor’s side. The content of your website itself will be what pulls people in, nothing external.

To get better search engine rankings

Getting your website to the top of search engines is important for any type of online organic marketing. A content marketing campaign gets your site near the top for all sorts of industry-related phrases that pertain to both your state and your city. People are much more likely to visit one of the three top search engine results as opposed to any other result on the page. If you can nab one of those three spots for a majority of the terms you will be targeting, you’re going to see a lot more traffic coming in, which should lead to more contact form submissions, and more phone calls.

Digital Voice


When you regularly upload fresh web content to your site, Google will conclude that your business is maintaining a relevant, active and useful site. This will work wonders on your rankings.

While being relevant to your specific products and services is good, this will not be enough. A dynamic and constant presence online will keep your readers involved all the time. Think outside the box. What would broaden the topics that you can speak about? What else interests your target demographic?

Once you have cultivated a devoted customer following, keeping their interest up with useful content will help demonstrate your capacity for quality customer service. Staying relevant and active keeps your brand fresh in their minds.

Your website is only one of the places you should stay relevant as far as content. There are ways to broaden your online outreach by publishing content across various platforms. Think social media, think LinkedIn, where you can publish content that is more targeted to a specific audience.  You can always publish on non-competitive third-party sites, places where you can speak to a relevant yet untapped customer-base

When it comes to content nowadays, sky is the limit. Without the gigantic marketing budgets businesses were using in the past, you can be successful with a small content marketing effort.

Such opportunity calls for immediate action. How is your content marketing campaign going? If you would like to share a few of your content needs with us, feel free to get in touch with us. We are happy to help you stay relevant and ahead of your industry competition.

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