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Blog Posts

If you are like most of your competitors, you have probably already caught on the fact that in order to succeed in an online world, you need to have a company blog and start blogging regularly for your customers.

But what happens once everyone has caught on and businesses are blogging simply to stay with the stream? What happens if you start building your blog and populate it just because you should? The result will be a long line of uninspired, boring, in a single word- mediocre- content suffocating RSS feeds and online media. For the readers, your potential clients, there can be nothing worse. For your business, this will sooner or later translate into losing site traffic and ultimately decreasing ROI.

Clients read you to get inspired

Wondering why your readers are choosing to spend their time online browsing your blog entries? They are looking for ways to get informed on your specific industry and products, their functionality and relevance. This is what they are trying to find first and then only look into maybe buying something. Readers have a challenge, a question, they have specific needs. Your blogging efforts should be concentrated towards providing them with that moment of inspiration to help make a purchase decision easier. They are looking for the story behind your services or products.

To put it shortly, in order to make money, your website content will need to meet the following directives: – to educate, to entertain, to persuade, to convert.

Get Inspired!

Let Iris Content tell your story

Clients want to be told a story, and in the process be inspired to take action. This is what blogging means today. This is what you will get if you choose to go with one of our blogging packages. On top of very good, professionally written blog posts, you will also get topic analysis and high-level optimization.

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