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How Is Your Content Doing?
We Determine Your Needs for You

Wondering what is missing from your online content creation approach? We can help you determine your needs with this free questionnaire.

What Do You Get for Completing the Questionnaire?

A complimentary report with content marketing suggestions, recommended blog/article/page topics and strategies will be sent to you upon completion of this questionnaire.

You do not have to pay for this.
It will be our gift to you for being such a good client and helping us gather the information for a detailed content marketing piece we will be putting together.

We are looking for genuine, real client information on what they believe about the status of their content and where they feel they can improve for better results and ROI.

The Outcome

The report will be made into a whitepaper that we will offer as a complimentary download to all our clients.

What Does the Report Provide?

This will be a real-life report that can offer relevant resources of information for anyone interested in knowing the REAL state of the content industry.

Be a Part of the Ultimate Content Survey
No more

No more links from marketing sites that are interested in getting your business and have you pay thousands of $ for a report.

No more

No more opinions from internet star marketers and SEO experts. Just the opinions of people like you, who are struggling to bring their content together and put together meaningful, professional pieces that also sell. Facts and opinions from businesses like yours.

This is what we can put together and with your help, it can be a wonderful exercise in free content marketing.

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How Should You Treat the Questionnaire?

You do not have to fill up the entire questionnaire. Feel free to answer the questions you think apply to your particular business case. Or to you as an individual, writer, blogger, content marketing aspiring guru.

How Do You Get Access to Our Questionnaire?

You can register here to get on our mailing list (or click this Contact Us Link and just write: I would like to receive your content questionnaire – and your email) and we will immediately email you the link to the questionnaire or a doc file.
You can then submit it back to us via email.

Great Deal to Go. Take Advantage Now!

As a thank you gesture from our professional copywriting team, we offer a 25% discount on any content order you launch with us as a first-time client. No matter how small or big your order, you get 25% off and access to a lot of weekly deals and best offers for personalized, high quality web content.

From your friends here at Iris Content, a big thank you!