Iris Content: And They Thought We Couldn’t Do It…

We are happy to announce that starting August, everything Iris Content does will be about you, our customer. The content marketer who needs a voice, the business owner who requires assistance with their new website, the SEO expert who wants a partner to put together meaningful content that converts. Whatever your needs, we are here to cater to them.

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Content is Dead (Just Like Jon Snow), Long Live Lady Story!

So many people had fed content his success over the years. So many have written about him, millions and millions and tributes to his greatness have been pouring in from all over the world. Billions were spent force-feeding this fantastic child of the internet age, until everything, all this crazy downpour of attention brought him to a size that could no longer sustain his existence.

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10 Ways Blogging Has Changed in 2016

Once you know what to blog about that will get people talking, you need to find more ways to take your content to your audience. Great content has become the starting block and distribution and ignition strategies have become the hard work that will deliver economic value to your company.

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The Dark Side of Content: How Can You Turn a Perfect Campaign into a Disaster?

Done the right way, a content campaign can be incredibly effective. Today’s content-hungry audiences seek out, consume and share the content they think is valuable. If your content is legitimate, it engages your audience on a deeper level than traditional advertising and adds real value to their experience. Done the wrong way, bad content marketing can leap over to the dark side.

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5 Controversial Blog Conversation Starters

If you’re involved in the world of marketing online, you know how important a steady stream of traffic is. Informative posts and how-to guides may bring you a steady flow of visitors, but you really need something more. Think about the effect of a gasp. It gets people talking, right? And that is why we think controversial conversation starters could take you from hobby blogger to right up the ranks among the top internet marketing blogs.

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