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Who Are We?
As professionals with a collective experience of over 50 years in content writing, editing, journalism and content management, we have had access to all the intricate corners of content creation. As the world of content has changed over the past years, we have seen trends come and go, we have fought the storms of internet and we have emerged better and wiser.
In all these years of experience working as writers and editors for other content providers, we have learned a lot about what it takes to build successful content. We have seen both the good and the bad and we want to use this experience to do what many other content providers do not – be a true friend and advisor to you, our customer, instead of a mere seller of written words.
Our Values
Experience would be nothing without a strong set of values consolidated over time. We are proud to share our values with you:
Values, Inspired Voice - sunlight on a sunflower
Inspired voice

Sometimes the success of a good piece relies heavily on finding and conveying the message in an inspired and knowledgeable voice. For many businesses, finding that voice is not always easy. That’s why we’re here! We will talk to you, assess, research and find those special notes that will make your content sing.

Flexible attitude - a curvy leaf
Flexible attitude
Most writers have huge egos. Trust us, we know. But this doesn’t mean that what you would get from us is going to be written in stone. Our content, just like your business, will be organic – a living and breathing organism that can be molded, polished and improved up to your satisfaction. We promise to tone down our egos and listen to your real needs.
Timely delivery - a sprout and a clock
Timely delivery
No good content can be done overnight. That’s something we learned in all our years of experience. But it shouldn’t take ages either. We can find the right balance between researching, writing and tweaking your content so as to get the completed work to you with clockwork precision and without compromising on quality.
Honest approach - sprout grounded in the earth
Honest approach

We treasure honesty more than any of our other values, having seen way too many lies and false expectations in the world of content creation. We will NEVER claim to be able to do the impossible. We will do our best to meet your expectations and deliver work within your requirements, but we will never lie about what we can do.

Trustworthy team - steady rain on a plant
Trustworthy team
When you come to us with your content needs, our team will meet you with an open mind and offer advice and recommendations carrying your best interests at heart. We won’t spare any effort to make sure that the final product will accurately reflect your needs and that you won’t have to break the bank to get it.
Quality overall - a hand holding a plant and its soil
Quality overall

What is quality? Itis the sum of all of the above, crystallized in one essential attribute. Quality is what any business needs in order to succeed. It is what we are committed to on every level, and what we will always be striving to achieve for every single one of your projects.

Work with Us
You will never know until you try. If you need words for yourself, for your business, to give shape to your hope and dreams, you can always count on Iris Content.