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The personalization of your marketing strategy is going to give you an edge in 2020. Customers have a better experience in your business brand if they feel like you are specifically targeting their needs.


Research has concluded that 90% of customers feel more positive toward a business brand if they feel like they are being treated like an individual and not as a part of the mass. By making your customers feel like their needs count, you are showing them that they come first.

How does this help your business exactly?

When you create a personal relationship with your customers, they begin to find you and your business more trustworthy. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to recommend your business to others.


Once you have started building a foundation of trust with your customers, it is important to continue fostering those relationships. Using personalization strategies, like taking them on a behind the scenes tour of your business can make your customers feel even more involved.

Fostering a relationship that is based on a personal connection to your customers is worth more than simply responding to a few emails or only working on a single social media platform.

A good marketing strategy to implement going into 2020 is the idea that your customers are your family. Family is always there for family. If you want your customers to be there for you, it is important to make them feel like family.

Adding content that helps with problem-solving, providing your audience with entertainment, and teaching them about your products also makes them feel like you have personally invested in them. It is safe to say that by marketing you want them to invest in your concepts, wouldn’t you want to provide them with the same security?


When you are personalizing your brand, it is important to figure out what tone you want to use while addressing your customers. There is a fine line between formal and informal tones. If you aren’t formal enough, someone may not take you seriously. If you are too formal, customers may not want to listen to you. Finding a happy-medium tone for your brand will be what puts you above the competition.

See how your competitors are speaking with their customers and how their customers are responding to this. It is not an exact science, especially if you are trying to take a more personalized approach with your customers, making them feel like they are individuals who you are talking to.


No matter what search engine you use, you will see articles explaining how marketing for businesses is changing in 2020. If you want your business to succeed in the upcoming year, it is important to pay attention to the new trends and get onboard with them.

More and more people are looking to businesses to treat them like a person when they are interacting with them, especially on social media platforms. Make sure that you are acknowledging them, just like they are acknowledging you.