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The Iris Content 2019 Guide: Content Creation Tips For Financial Services

When it comes to content marketing, the financial services industry isn’t exactly a front-runner.  However, changing technology means customers demand more convenient ways to manage their finances. There are so many channels for customers to use, instead of dealing with advisors in person.

This means the financial industry needs to step up their content marketing efforts. The good news is there are loads of useful content creation tips for financial services to improve their marketing strategies.

What is Financial Content Marketing?

Content marketing focuses on the customers wants rather than selling a product. It’s a powerful way for every company to build their consumer base and uses websites, blogs, podcasts and other channels to offer useful information to the public.

A few years ago, companies focused on their search engine optimization and didn’t realize how important content marketing is. Today, everyone knows that SEO and content marketing are a powerful duo. Let’s delve into the complicated world of financial content marketing and explore some content creation tips for financial services.

Content Creation Tips For Financial Services

Creating effective content takes time and planning. It’s essential to develop a content strategy and conduct research to ensure the information will reach the right audience.

The Research

There are many target audiences within financial services, so it’s important to decide who you’re writing for. This includes young people, homeowners, professionals, and senior citizens. Exceptional content offers answers to many peoples questions, so any financial service should consider their consumers wants.

Look at search engines such as Google to see what people are typing in. This way you’ll get an idea of what problems consumers are experiencing. It’s a fantastic way to ensure your content will reach readers.

Keyword research is complex, but it can leverage your content to the top of search engine results. The key is to do it right! Here’s a useful guide on keyword research.

The Planning

Using a content calendar means you’ll be able to plan which articles are written, and when they’ll to publish them. Include important dates and remember to add relevant content, about them. For example, Christmas is a time when people spend lots of money, so a financial service could benefit from advertising their loans or low-interest credit cards.

The Creation

Creating a strong piece of content is the most important step. It needs to be well-written, informative and relevant to readers. There are many content creation tips for financial services, so consider these important things:

Can You Offer Expert Advice?

Content with authority always stands out. Instead of anyone writing it, ask an expert to. This can be someone from a financial service background such as an accountant. The audience will appreciate the information and you’ll attract more readers.

Is It Optimized?

There’s the title, meta description, tags, categories, and slug. These all need to be optimized to appear in search results.

How Can You Rank High?

Look at the top search results from other financial services and see what’s unique about their content. It could be they’ve added amazing calls-to-action or the titles stand out.

The Promotion

It’s an amazing piece of content, but nobodies reading it. We don’t know about what we can’t see, and an audience only discovers content if it’s promoted well. Asking employees, current customers, and sources to share the content on their social media is a good way to get more exposure.

Sharing content on social media platforms is easy, and it can reach people throughout the world. The best way to maximize your social media efforts is to use a platform such as Buffer. Here’s how it can help.

The Analysis

 The most successful companies always ensure they audit and improve their content regularly. This involves using analytics tools to see how many views they’re getting, and their conversion rates.

Consider whether your content is topical or evergreen. Topical content is relevant for a specific period but evergreen content will always be useful. Upcycling your content involves changing dates and adding some more information. It saves a lot of time for financial companies as they are always gaining new customers that would benefit from the information.

Learn From The Best

 These content creation tips for financial services will help you with your marketing efforts and reach a wide audience. However, there are some financial service companies that excel in content marketing. Take some inspiration from these examples.


 Banks like Santander used to target the head’s of families, but in 2016 they made a big change. They researched audiences they were missing and found one target group: millennials. Instead of targeting senior citizens, they focused on offering useful information for millennials to make the most of their finances.

They did this by using content marketing to create a blog called Prosper and Thrive. Not only did they increase their audience, but they also secured themselves a place in the financial services market with millennials. When young people want money advice or a mortgage they’ll go to the place they got their information from.

Santander show how using all the content creation tips for financial services can work to a companies advantage.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley doesn’t just offer financial services, they connect with their audience and give them an integrative experience. Their Idea’s Podcast and Blog offers useful information on finance, technology, and business. With blog posts about professional video gaming and alternative energy, they attract a diverse audience which means more potential customers.

It will always be a complex process, but content marketing is essential to a companies success. These content creation tips for financial services will ensure you reach an audience, stay relevant and attract more customers.


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