2019: The Year of Blogging Responsibly

Blogging is ever changing and we until recently it was reasonable to expect short-lived trends or best practices. Content marketing in 2019 will focus on connecting readers with bloggers more intimately than in previous years.

This upcoming year you should expect to work more diligently on the voice, tone, and release of your material as much as you would the substantial content of your blogging.

Create Content with Greater Transparency and Consistency

Bloggers begin with a firm conviction about the material that they want to deliver and often can work closely with that vision for a few months or even a year.

Unfortunately, as blogs mature and take on new purposes, the bloggers will often struggle with maintaining their values, voice, and mission with their blog. Readers want value as always, but they want transparency, consistency, and authenticity.

Declare the values that you represent with your blog and your brand. Then ensure that you spend quality time reviewing and updating your work for consistent quality.

Blogging with Responsibility

Social responsibility is as present in blogging as it is anywhere else in business, and it’s vital for any blogs future. If your blog currently isn’t involved with a cause reach out to your audience for what they recommend. Review your comments and see what they care about to help get you started. There are so many opportunities out there, that there is certainly something that you and your audience can care about and change together.

Social responsibility must go above and beyond one blog post. Your brand should radiate with an element of social responsibility that resonates with your audience.

Omnichannel Distribution

Bloggers already know that they must actively self-promote all across social media. But, social media continue to grow and develop. Don’t restrict your storytelling to text! Enjoy the process of blogging and try out new social media platforms, make videos and find new ways to interact with your audience.

For early 2019, most audiences want videos, and from 2018 trends we learned that about 78% of people watch videos on a weekly basis. Additionally, YouTube is the second most popular site on the internet right after Google.

A social presence via video does have a place among the blogger’s section of the internet. Not only is omnichannel distribution important for your blog but it’s also cultivating an overarching voice and tone. You don’t need long videos, but you do need something with a hook.

This trend is something that many bloggers can readily excel at because they must work with creating captivating content that grabs attention right away. Put that skill to work as you help cultivate a socially responsible brand.

Be A Blogger, Not A Momentary Success

Unlike vloggers and social media personalities, bloggers rely on long-term growth for a consistent revenue. If you dedicate your valuable time to only speaking about the symptoms of an issue that you care about, then you’ll likely experience a wave of interest and then reader abandonment. Addressing the root cause of a problem will keep your readers engaged as they see meaningful change and impact.

Social Responsible branding will become a long-term change for your blog and your business, long after a flash in the pan movements are forgotten.

Be careful with jumping on the bandwagon. A cause can stick around for decades undergoing slow but meaningful, and permanent, change. A movement will likely garner more attention but usually only lasts a few months.

Your blog is a fantastic conduit for acting in a socially responsible way while delivering high-quality information and engaging with your audience.

Of all the trends that we should expect in 2019, many readers anticipate the bloggers they follow to engage more in their communities. This anticipated engagement includes bloggers interacting with their readers more.

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