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How the 4th of July Can Inspire Your Marketing and Content Team

The 4th of July for many Americans is a way to celebrate the country’s freedom, the history, and an excuse to watch fireworks. But content marketing experts are always on the lookout for the best way to reach the public for their company. Observing holidays has been a great tactic in marketing for years, but the 4th of July is less tactic and more opportunity.

Engage with your audience by creating fun media, and outstanding content that draws in potential customers.

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Use the Holiday to Increase Brand Awareness

Although you might be fighting a storm of other companies showing support for the holiday, your content can stand out by identifying the virtues that fit your business. Pepsi, for instance, emblazoned the word “Freedom” in a way that fit their logo. Not only was it a great content choice because it brought attention to the holiday, but it resonated with what they are really about and what they value.

Use the many virtues, values, and ideas that come with Independence Day to bring awareness to your brand. Although freedom might be the first word to come to mind, there are many other values that find their way into company’s mission statements. If you’re looking for inspiration take a glance at the document that made it all happen. Words like justice, dignity, equality, and happiness invoke the feeling of the holiday and a spirit of unity.

Bring Symbols from 1776 to Life

Beyond the words that remind us of the steps that brought America to independence, there are many symbols. Numerous pieces of art, ballads, quotes and historical figures that represent that time are useful in content creation. is one example of bringing history to life. Although the history of our great Nation is always present at, they took it a step further. gathered descendants of those who were present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence to recreate John Trumbull’s famous painting.

Other companies have used commercials featuring renditions of the National Anthem, or various renditions of the flag. For example, Budweiser has printed the United States flag on its cans.

Using the Narrative

One of the most significant hurdles in marketing and content creation is creating an authentic narrative. While some brands build on awareness, and others focus on comedy, there is nothing as useful for content as a narrative that already exists. Beyond using the symbols that represent the 4th of July, there are many running narratives throughout history.

A favorite example is Geico’s commercial that depicts Washington crossing the Delaware Turnpike. This narrative creates a situation that is both familiar and attention-grabbing.

These Great Companies Show Their Spirit

Good luck to all the businesses who are killing it in creating outstanding content. If you’re looking for inspiration, these companies here know how to blend their business with the spirit of the 4th of July!


Afters Ice Cream – Making Ice Cream Great Again

Marketing has taken on so many more forums now, and Afters the famous Ice Cream shop is using Instagram to remind people of the 4th of July. Their video offers a look inside the process of creating this year’s Red, White, and Blue Velvet Ice cream with the slogan “Making Ice Cream Great Again.”


Service Never Stops – Budweiser

This commercial shows that families are on the other side of service. It also takes the rare opportunity to inform the public of Budweiser backed scholarships. Working veterans help brew Budweiser’s Freedom Reserve to raise funds for Folds of Honor.


Descendants of the Declaration – lead people to believe that they are merely reciting the Declaration of Independence with a diverse group of Americans. They then reveal that they are all these people are descendants of those present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This iconic symbol creates a feeling of unity as an accurate representation of the Ancestry of our Nation.


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