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What Kind Of Marketing Technology You Should Be Using For Better Results

Marketing technology includes tools and software platforms that are designed to help with sales and advertising functions. There are many products available to assist companies with their digital marketing tasks. The world is changing and as it does so does the way we need to effectively advertise. People are spending more time using digital devices and less time watching television or listening to the radio. Companies need to consider technology when they develop a content marketing plan.

Digital marketing is a general term that encompasses a variety of marketing that is measurable, targeted and interactive. It utilizes digital technology to reach potential customers and convert leads into sales. It also works to retain current clientele.

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Merging Technology and Marketing

Until recently, technology and marketing were considered two distinct areas of focus. Today, they are merging to create better marketing results. There is an increased demand for marketing technology because it has proven results. It is helpful to understand the various categories of marketing technology. While this can be a somewhat complex area we can break it down in general terms.

Content marketing, social media marketing, email campaigns and applications are all considered part of the broad category of marketing technology that is often referred to as simply marketing experiences. These are areas that interface directly with customers on a regular basis.

Marketing operations are concerned with digital marketing technology that analyzes marketing experiences and effectiveness. Marketing platforms such as CRM and content management systems are considered part of the inherent structure. Cloud computing and the use of software development tools is yet another area of consideration. Finally, there are Internet services that can be integrated with your platform to create successful content strategy.

Content and Social Media

Content and social media marketing allows small to medium sized businesses to compete with large companies. This technology evens the playing field so that everyone has a very similar ability to market their products and services online. Content marketing is essential to all businesses in today’s digital world. You need to get your product out in front of potential customers across the Internet. Social sharing helps to distribute your content to reach more customers.

Content development is easy and affordable with help from a content company. Gone are the days of filling your website with low quality junk that simply repeats keywords. Today’s search engines are much more sophisticated. The good news is that you can get high quality content that is created specifically to your specifications from a content provider such as Iris Content.


Your website needs to provide a platform for your digital marketing efforts. There are several steps involved in website production including creation, hosting and testing. It is helpful to partner with a content specialist to create a content strategy that is competitive and successful. Your website is often the first place that people visit to view your company so it is important to create a good first impression.

Your website should work properly, include useful information and stay up-to-date with posts and articles. You will need to continually update your website to keep it current. Add a blog to give customers important details and improve search rankings. Infographics are another addition you can make that can add more interest to your site. You can create your own website or hire one of thousands of website developers that produce high quality sites.

Customer Relationship Management

Gathering sales leads has never been easier. Customer relationship management, CRM, programs are available to assist you in gathering and organizing client information. Automation gives you the ability to provide visitors to your website with forms they can fill out to receive emails and special information. These leads are particularly important because they are high quality. These potential customers have already shown an interest in your product so they are much more receptive to future advertising efforts.

In addition to gathering leads you can also learn quite a bit about visitors to your website. Use this information to further hone your advertising initiatives. You will be able to create buyer personas based on information about your potential customers. You can use these buyer personas to create targeted marketing for better results.

Email marketing can be automated to send high quality newsletters and sales brochures to your potential customers. Programs are available that will utilize the email addresses you collect online and add them to lists that will send email marketing materials on an automated schedule. Constant Contact and MailChimp are just two of the many affordable options available.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics are essential to every business, regardless of size. Analytics can be useful when you create a content strategy. There are many different analytics that are available. In fact, there are so many forms of data, reports and statistics that you could become easily overwhelmed.

When you are just starting out you may be able to get by with the basics. Google Analytics provides more than a few statistics that you can use to improve your marketing plan. As you hone your skills you will be able to adjust your content marketing and other marketing strategies to fit the specific needs of your customers. Your improved marketing skills will be directly reflected in more and better leads and in improved sales.

Evaluate your marketing technology on a regular basis. Because of the fast-paced changes that take place in digital technology what works today may not work in six months or in a year. You can’t simply put something in place and forget about it. Instead, it needs to be continually reviewed so you can refine your digital marketing efforts to achieve the best results.

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