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5 Ways to Highlight Your Unique Value Through Content

As a growing business you know that you have a lot to offer your customers. You are ready to expand and gain more customers. One of the best ways to grow your business is through the use of content marketing. Content in 2018 must be of high quality and interesting while at the same time highlighting your unique value.

The first step in highlighting your unique value is to identify what makes you different from other companies. You may have better customer service, lower prices or a unique return policy. Make a list of what sets you apart from your competitors. These are the things that bring unique value to your customers. Once you have identified these areas you need to determine which ones are the most important to your customers. With these ideas in hand you can now set off to create content that emphasizes your uniqueness.

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Storytelling is a technique that allows you to provide information to customers in a format that is interesting and easily relatable. People enjoy reading about people who are similar to themselves and at the same time they will learn about what sets your company apart from the others. The story will demonstrate how your product or service was able to resolve a problem that a typical customer may have.

Tell a story in much the same way as you would write a novel. The main difference is that storytelling content is a much shorter, abbreviated form of a novel. However, you still want to include some of the basic storytelling techniques that will grab a reader’s attention and keep them reading. The hero of the story should be someone that is relatable to the readers so they could actually envision themselves in the same situation.

Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate what you have to offer customers. A case study takes a real customer and provides details into their experience while using your product. The study should outline some of the basic problems that your product will resolve and how a customer was able to improve their business as a result.

Case studies start with an in-depth interview. Then, you can write the case study to detail and highlight the unique value of your product through the customer’s own words and experiences. You can also include quotes that the customer gave as testimonials to your products. Case studies help potential customers view your products and services through the eyes of someone who has already had the experience. Case studies can be posted on your website or you can offer them to people who sign up for your newsletter.

Product Guides

Product guides are the ideal way to show people what is special about your product or service. They can be as detailed as you like but you should keep in mind that they should be short enough to hold the reader’s attention. Include unique facts about the product that people will be likely to remember. You can use the guide as a way to give people valuable information as they learn what makes your products better than others.

Guides can be provided to customers in a number of different ways. One option is to make the guide available as a free download when they sign up for an email subscription. It helps you gather a more focused marketing list and gives them unique content that will be useful to them when they make a purchase. Other ways to use product guides is as a series of online blog posts or articles or simply as a free option on your website.


Infographics are visual representations of useful data and information about your company or product. An infographic is an easy way for customers to view information because it is fast and can be quickly skimmed. Many people prefer to view information in picture form and for them, infographics are ideal. You can add some important content in the infographic so that it includes the details that you want to get across to your potential clients.

The best thing about infographics is that they are visually appealing. People are instantly drawn to them and will want to read them, especially if they provide useful details. They will add some excitement to your website or blog and will certainly provide a more updated marketing approach. Keep in mind that infographics should be a supplement to your regular forms of content marketing choices.

Create an Email Series

Email marketing is still a great way to connect with customers. A good way to update your email content in 2018 is to create a series that provides subscribers with useful information over the course of several or more newsletters. If you have a topic that would translate into an extremely long blog post you may want to consider breaking it up into smaller bites and sending it out in newsletter format.

An email series can also include traditional marketing techniques such as a call to action at the end of the newsletter. Providing the information in a series makes it more likely that people will want to open and read your newsletters. You can also include some discounts or special deals for people who subscribe to your newsletter. Never forget that content is king and everything you provide must always have your content marketing strategy in mind. Always focus on writing high quality content that provides useful and interesting information for readers.

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