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Know Their Intent: Four Ways to Use Buyer Intent Data for Content Marketing Purposes

Let’s begin with a story…Work is a little slow today, but as a business owner, you like to remain available for clients and employees who may need you. You decide to pass your rare bit of free time by doing a little personal research and shopping. Home decorating is not a strong interest of yours, but the dishes in your kitchen do need to be replaced, and your home office would be a lot more productive if you brightened it up a bit. You create a Pinterest board called “Home Decorating.” On Facebook, you push the “like” button on a home decorating page. Business picks up again, and you need to navigate away from your social networking sites and to the sites you need for your work. It is time to forget about redecorating for a bit.

Forgetting about decorating turns out to be impossible. Every site you use now contains ads for items you were just pondering online. You get your work done, but thoughts of the items you might buy rarely leave your mind throughout the day. You have just experienced the impact of buyer intent data.

Buyer intent data consists of signals that occur outside the view of your business. It can be described as information that provides clues as to what the consumer wants. Someone who keeps pinning photos of pink bridesmaid dresses, pink trimmed wedding cakes, and pink flowers from various sites is probably planning or dreaming of a pink wedding. A person who “likes” several pages devoted to auto repair on Facebook is probably interested in fixing cars. Buyer intent data is more than just a way to get to know your customers. It is a valuable tool to help your business grow.

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How to Use Buyer Intent Data

Customize Your Web Page

Once you know that several visitors to your online floral shop visit wedding sites beforehand, you know that creating a section called “Wedding Flowers” or offering the items you already sell in packages for weddings is likely to lead to increased sales. If your buyer intent data reveals that many of your customers purchase red clothing, household items, or cosmetics, you may want to consider adding more red to your samples on a home decorating business site.

Set Priorities For Your Sales Department

It may seem obvious that someone who searched for a term a single time, and never performed another search for it again is not deeply interested in that topic, while someone who logs on to their computer and searches for that topic every day has a strong interest in it, but data on the frequency of potential customers’ searches is an important way that buyer intent data provides content marketing assistance. Your sales department will know to contact the people on list A, the ones who perform regular searches for the topic related to your business, in a more direct and personal fashion than they would contact the people on list B, who do not regularly search for the topic.

Customize Materials Outside Of Your Web Page

Even your business’s most interested potential customers are not going to sit online on your web page all day, or sit reading emails and social networking replies from your sales team for hours. You have a life that exists offline, and your customers do too. Buyer intent data can help you craft promotional materials that will reach your customers during their offline time. Did you learn that potential customers to your music store spend a lot of time learning about classical music? Perhaps your brick and mortar shop could use an expanded classical section. Are you a life coach who learned that a large number of your customers are drawn to beaches? This may be a theme you want to incorporate into a new logo or color scheme for your business cards, fliers, or client meeting space.

Tailor Services Or Products To Better Meet Customer Demands

Your business may not be performing as strongly as you would like because you are not aware of a need you could be filling. Potential customers who regularly like “cat” groups on Facebook, or search for “gifts for cats” might be telling your gift basket business to begin stocking items suitable for pet gift baskets. Your life coaching business may be focusing solely on personal growth, while data from your potential customers’ searches may tell you to create a career growth package.

Buyer intent data may sound like an intimidating concept, but it can be a valuable form of content marketing assistance that helps your business to reach additional customers, better serve the customers you already have, and streamline the work of your sales team, leading to even greater productivity for your company.


Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has over 20 years of experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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