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St. Patrick’s Day: How to Let Your Content ‘Wear Green’ & Find the Pot of Golden Traffic

March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. The day when millions of people wear green and appreciate shamrocks and clovers while sharing a beer or two with their closest friends and family members. It is the time of year when people wonder about the mystical nature of leprechauns and rainbows with pots of gold at the end as they enjoy pinching people who forgot to wear green to remain “invisible” to the evil forces that are on the prowl.

Perhaps you are one of the people who take celebrating St. Patrick’s Day seriously – throwing parties, buying costumes, attending bar crawls, buying kegs, etc. On the other hand, you may view eating a bowl of Lucky Charms as the pinnacle of your celebratory routine. Either way, there is a lot that you can learn about creating quality content from the core elements of this shamrockin’ day. What are those principles?

Remember to Clothe Your Content with the Proper Color

One of the most disturbing parts of St. Patrick’s Day occurs when someone randomly pinches you simply for not wearing green. At its point of origin, it was believed that wearing green essentially provides you with an invisibility cloak that makes it impossible for evil leprechauns and fairies to find you. The pinching was basically a reminder of and penalty caused by your neglectful wardrobe selection for the day. Therefore, to avoid the penalty of pinching, wearing at least a green accessory (jewelry, belt buckle, socks, etc.) would save you from the pain and embarrassment.

Believe it or not, this concept also applies to your content development. It is important for your website, webpages and overall content to remain invisible to the evil forces of black hat SEO practices. Taking the time to ensure your digital “outfit” is free from penalties allows your content to make it safely through each day without the fear of getting “pinched” and pulled from Google search results. It takes effort for some people to ensure they are wearing green on the big day – especially if they are not familiar with the holiday or simply do not have a lot of green reflected in their wardrobe. In a similar way, it may take effort for you to add a little “green” to your content to ensure it exceeds the quality expectations that Google has enforced for web content. However, once you have made it through the day without pinches and penalties, you will more than likely realize that all the sacrifices and effort put towards your “outfit change” were worth it.

Pave a Path to the Pot of Golden Traffic

The rainbow that eventually leads to a pot of golden traffic is yet another core element of St. Patrick’s Day that is reflected on and celebrated each March 17th. From televised cartoons and party decorations to imaginative stories and curious conversations, the concept of following the path of a colorful rainbow to a huge pot of gold is a wonderful train of thought to board once a year.

Nevertheless, it presents a very realistic goal that you can set for your content development and marketing strategies as well. How so? Wouldn’t you agree that the ultimate objective is to find a roadmap that leads you to the land of golden traffic for your online presence? It may seem nearly impossible to accomplish when you consider the odds against you and the vast number of competitors within your niche that want to find the same “pot.” That is why you must pay close attention to the symbolism behind the path to the highly-coveted pot that allows you to get there.

What does a rainbow have to do with content development? Here are several factors that you may have overlooked about these beautiful semicircles of colorful lights:

  • Various Colors that Complement without Clashing: If you have ever taken the time to truly examine the beauty of a rainbow, it becomes clear that the colors essentially blend together very well without clashing. Even though there are so many colors within the same arrangement, they are strategically placed and successfully allow the entire rainbow to shine. Can you say the same about the elements within your content? Does your color themes, embedded media and overall formatting complement each other or clash?
  • Order and Consistency: Another key principle from the celebratory rainbow of St. Patrick’s Day is the order and consistency of the rainbow. Each time you see one, you have an idea of what to expect. Remember the old acronym from science glass in grade school: ROY G. BIV? It reminded you of the colors of the rainbow in their exact order. Regardless of where you see a rainbow or how big/small it may be, that order remains the same. Does your content have the same sense of order and consistency? The topics and overall discussion may change, but do you implement an aspect of consistency within your content on which your viewers and readers can depend?
  • Captivation is the Key: One of the most amazing factors of a rainbow is its overall captivation. You may quickly pull your car over to the side of the road (or cause an accident in the middle of the street) whenever you stumble across a beautiful rainbow that appears in the sky. It is very difficult not to take the time from your busy day just to marvel at these colorful creations even if it is just for a few minutes. Do your readers and viewers feel the same way about your content and overall presence? Each time that you publish a new article/blog or post a new message on social media, are they eager to take the time from their busy days to marvel at your work even if just for a few minutes? Your content must have the same captivation factor as the rainbow on St. Patrick’s Day to grab your audience’s attention with every post and publishing.

Every Day Should Be St. Patty’s Day for Your Content

St. Patrick’s Day may only be celebrated on March 17th every year, but that does not mean the party has to stop for your online content when midnight strikes on March 18th. You can continue to use the same core principles of St. Patrick’s Day throughout the year to keep those readers and viewers finding their way to your golden content. Go ahead – grab your green, stay away from the pinches, think about rainbows & keep the party going!



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