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Why Your Content Marketing May Be Dead in the Water: Do You Have the Right Strategy?

You may think you have it under control, but if your sales are slumping and your numbers are down, you may need to put a plan in place to turn those numbers into gains.

Here are a few reasons why your current content marketing may not be quite up to par and a quick and easy fix to get your strategy back on track.

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You’re Not Planning Properly

Do you have a content calendar?  Although it may seem a bit tedious in the midst of all of your other responsibilities, a content calendar can be the one things that does what you need:  to stay on top of your content game.

How do you know if this is the root of (or one of the roots of) your problem?

The Content Marketing Institute explains, “Most likely, you’ll know because you start to feel growing pains, often when you’re considering how to expand the scope of your content programs to include new initiatives (a print magazine, a new blog, podcast, or video series) or how to centralize management and governance of distributed content projects within one team.”

It’s not a tough task to revamp what you’re putting online and if you need a little inspiration, look at the “big dogs” of the business world.  These companies most certainly have content calendars and you can get a direct look at what it entails by checking their website and social media pages.

Another tip:  take a peek at your competition.  A company’s online presence is their content playbook and checking in regularly it gives you a seat, front and center, in their locker room.

The Fix: Click here for tips on what to look for when scoping out your competition.  Need help with content calendars?  Click here for some samples.

 Your Content is DRAB

Author and content marketer extraordinaire Neil Patel says, “Boring content doesn’t get shared or read. For your content marketing to be successful, you must produce interesting content.”  He continues, “And yes, it’s possible to create interesting, actionable content no matter what topic you’re writing about.”

One of the ways to create more interesting content is to create strong headlines.  When you have a great headline, not only do readers flock to the content, but they share it too!

The Fix:  See what makes for a great headline HERE and then Click here for some NEW ways you can share content.  If creating content is a struggle, click HERE for some great tips on what makes for a great blog post.

Your Content Doesn’t Speak to Your Audience

Do you have your target market clearly defined?  If not, then how do you know your audience is interested in what your business is communicating?

If you do have your target audience clearly defined, perhaps you aren’t putting out the right information.  If you’re selling sneakers and are a sneaker expert, would it make sense to write a blog piece on natural baby food?  That example may be a bit inflated, but, the point is to make sure your audience wants to read the information you’re providing.

Ask yourself:  Am I solving any problems?  Am I helping my audience in some way?  Or, at the very least, is what I’m posting and publishing interesting and entertaining to my audience?

Keep in mind, as your business evolves, your target audience may do the same.

The Fix:  Do another target market analysis by using these tips.  Once you have that clear, ask yourself with each item you schedule on your content calendar:  Will my audience care and why?  For more help on how to perfectly define your target audience, click here.

Your Presence is Inconsistent

Youtube offers its creators tips when it comes to creating a successful channel and one of them is to create a consistent routine.

The Youtube Creator Academy page states, “To stay on top of viewers’ minds, many creators have found that setting a routine publishing schedule will help viewers know when to expect your next release—it’s like anticipating when the next episode of your favorite show is coming on next.”

Even if you don’t have a Youtube channel, sporadic appearances of information are not conducive to your brand and your audience will inevitably find someone who is more consistent and dependable when it comes to their time spent online.

The fix:  A Content Calendar that you actually follow.  Go here for details on creating your own simple, easy to follow content calendar.

You’re Skimping on the Sharing

According to

In 2017, “Despite being involved in an investigation by Congress, Facebook reported its highest earnings ever in Q3, up nearly 50% from a year ago.”

Schedule all of your posts on your website and on your social media pages with your content calendar.  Then, use your social media pages to send people to your website!

Laura Vitale, a host of “Simply Laura” on The Cooking Channel mastered this concept early on in her on-camera career.  As she rose to stardom on her YouTube channel, “Laura in the Kitchen” (long before her debut on The Cooking Channel), she ended each of her videos with “for the full recipe, go to”  Vitale used her online presence and YouTube following to send subscribers directly to her website.  Are you using your platforms to support your business?

The fix: Get schooled in sharing and get your audience on board as well. Read up on how to do it here.  

You’re Not SEO Efficient

Getting your website and social media pages search engine optimized is key to internet visibility.  It starts with determining the keywords for your business.  This is where you get very specific in thinking, “what will someone search for that will make my business show up on the results page?”

Finding the right keywords can be tricky, so educate yourself first, then move on to the other components of SEO.  Getting your website to the point of great SEO isn’t hard, but there are some specific steps you’ll need to take to make it happen.

Think about it:  when is the last time you went to page two of Google’s search result page? Page one… HIGH on page one is where you want your business to be if someone searches your keywords.

The fix:  Learn how to pick the perfect keywords here then SEO your website so it will rank high in internet search results.  For more specific details about keywords, click here.  Still now sure about SEO?  Click here for a little SEO inspiration that will change your mind for the better.

Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy Today

Are you successfully using content marketing? If your answer is that you’re unsure how to define whether or not your efforts have been a success, not yet, or a hard no, then you need to develop a content marketing strategy.

Annie Ianko

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Annie has over 20 years of experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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