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Why Work With One Writer, When You Can Have a Team?

If you have a presence on the web for your business, you want to make sure that your web presence gets seen by as many people as possible, as consistently as possible. Current trends in online marketing tell us that the best way to ensure that this happens is through a constant stream of fresh, relevant, and highly engaging SEO-friendly (but not necessarily SEO-focused) content. Effective content marketing is the primary means by which you can ensure that your web presence is always high in search results, and generating exceptional content is the primary means you can ensure that your content actually gets clicked on, read, and turns site hits into conversions. The key to both of these line items is, of course, a great writer.

Many businesses consider hiring an in-house write to handle their content writing for them. The idea here is that having someone in-house will grant the business more control over the content that gets generated, and the costs associated with that content. Of course, a single writer can only do so much – and often a single writer’s burnout on a single topic can result in content becoming a little stale over time. As a business, you could hire a series of writers, or a whole team, but the costs associated with that kind of turnover, or that level of staffing, often prohibit using it as an effective strategy.

Here at Iris Content, we’re a little partial to the agency approach. Today we’d like to talk to you about the benefits of hiring a copywriting agency to help with your content marketing, whether your needs include a blog post every month or a high volume of content every week.

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Myths and Misconceptions About Hiring a Copywriting Agency

It’s Expensive

Probably the primary concern about working with a copywriting agency rather than hiring an individual, or even several individuals, is cost. Isn’t an agency expensive? After all, instead of just paying a writer for what they produce, wouldn’t you end up also paying the editors, managers, and all the overhead associated with the agency?

Actually, you’ll probably end up paying more for an individual writer for the same content an agency can get you. Think about it this way: an agency employs a team of writers full time, and those writers are highly skilled and specialized. The agency’s in-house editorial team will make sure that by the time the content reaches you, it meets the requirements you laid out, is free of grammatical and spelling errors, and is 100% original. Without an agency, you will either be trusting your writer to fulfill these conditions, or you will be editing in-house as well. This process, without a team of experienced writers working with experienced editors, can quickly get bogged down. At the end of the day, the agency is more efficient and more cost-effective in many cases.

Don’t Agencies Just Stuff Articles Full of Keywords?

There is a misconception that copywriting agencies are essentially “article mills” where an adequate word count is simply stuffed full of as many relevant keywords as possible. Allow us to dispel that myth for you right now, and counter it with reality: if you visit one of any number of websites where you can hire a freelance writer, the chances that you will hire a writer who does just this are fairly high.

Hiring an agency, on the other hand, means that you are banking on that agency’s dedication to providing their clients with high quality, well-written content that is interesting, factual, engaging, and much more than merely a collection of keywords. Rather than vetting individual writers yourself to weed through the low-quality freelancers, the agency has done that vetting for you, because our reputation depends upon only hiring the best writers.

An Agency Won’t Care About My Audience

Some business owners feel that hiring someone in-house will mean you can hire someone who is truly dedicated to your company, your product, and your audience. An agency, on the other hand, doesn’t seem like they have a vested interest in caring about your audience at all. Agencies have a perception of being shameless marketers who only really get poetic about our own company, not yours.

Well, while we do certainly get poetic about Iris Content, allow us to dispel yet another myth for you. You may be able to have more control over an in-house writer (at the expense of time, and cost), but understand this: at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you or your writer likes or believes to be important about your business. The only thing that matters is what your audience wants, needs, and thinks.

Your in-house writer will write whatever you want, but what you want isn’t always the most effective. Copywriting agencies have our fingers on the pulse of content marketing trends, and we know how to tailor content to what online audiences need and want – even without an intimate connection to your particular brand.

Writers Don’t Work Well on Teams

While certainly many writers prefer to don their headphones or earbuds and be left alone while they are working, the idea that writers aren’t team players is simply false. In our experience, writers work better in teams!

When you hire an agency, you’re hiring a team of writers and an editorial staff to ensure that if one writer isn’t “feeling” your message, has an issue like a sick day, or some other hiccup happens, there is another writer who will get it, or otherwise be available to pick up slack. The editorial team coordinates styles, thoughts, and content strategies to the writers best suited for those projects, and the writers themselves benefit from working with peers with whom they have much in common.

While a writer in “production mode” is often a solitary animal, the entire process of content marketing is a team sport.

Advantages of Using a Copywriting Agency

Now that we’ve dispelled the common myths about hiring a copywriting agency, here are a few unique advantages to going the agency route versus hiring an in-house writer.

  • Agency content passes through several hands before it gets to you, including at least one editorial pass by a professional editor.
  • Agencies hire and retain writers who are comfortable working with strict and demanding deadlines – meaning that your deadlines will be met.
  • Agency pricing is very competitive, and thanks to the efficiency of working with a team of writers and editors, can often be more cost-effective than a single writer.
  • Sometimes a piece of content just misses the mark – sending that content back to your in-house writer can frustrate the writer, cost you more money, and still result in sub-par content. An agency’s team of writers ensures that if you need revisions or to revisit a piece of content, you can get a fresh approach without making a new hire.

These are just a few of the advantages of working with an agency to handle your writing needs. Looking to hire a writer for your business, product, or service? Contact Iris Content today and let us show you how exceptional writing should be done.


Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has over 20 years of experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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