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Repurposing Content: the Ultimate Guide to Making an Old Coin Shine



There is an enormous amount of content on almost every topic imaginable on the internet today. Many websites will just simply copy and paste  or rewrite content from other sites to fill up their web pages. While this is not a strategy we recommend, there can be situations when writing original content every time may be difficult. This could be because you have run out of ideas; or that nothing new or fresh is available on that particular topic; or you simply do not have the time to write a fresh piece. An effective strategy that businesses can adopt for 2018 content marketing is repurposing content.

When you repurpose old content, you use the same, theme, topic and content ideas but the format of presentation is different. There are several ways to repurpose old content such as webinars, videos, infographics, podcasts and even Powerpoint presentations.

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Repurposing new content can help you:

  1. Reach New Target Audience: There is significant content online that is in text format. However, 2018 content trends indicate that people prefer visuals and infographics. Thus, if you decide to repurpose content in 2018, you can either convert your old text into an infographic or repurpose it by enhancing it with new images and graphics. You can also convert text into videos and podcasts. The ability to repurpose old content into videos and images has been shown to increase readership.
  1. Clean it up: In many cases, articles and blogs written in the past need updating. There can also be situations where the old content is not as good quality as you would like it to be and you decide to make it better. Creating content in 2018 may involve updating old information, enhancing the quality of previously published articles and blogs. There are many incomplete stories and pieces online that can be given a new look. This may be because the blog was written in a rush or there were publishing deadlines etc. Repurposing allows one to improve the quality of this content.
  1. Second Chance to Promote it: When you repurpose old content, you get a second chance to promote it. With so much content available to readers today, there is bound to be something that they miss. By repurposing old content, update it, improve its quality, add a few images, you can promote it again and this time increase readership. Many people repurpose their content and send out a short tweet alerting their readers or post new and updated links on other social media platforms.
  1. Change Format: One of the best ways to repurpose content is to change the presentation format. You can convert it into a question and answer format using PowerPoint. You can make it more interesting by adding icons, images, and a little humor (if the topic allows). If you have old blogs which are no longer attracting readers, you can convert them into videos or webinars. For example, if you have a lecture or a presentation from a key opinion leader, you can turn it into a webinar with new and improved images and/or infographics. Millennials hate to read and prefer to watch videos so for 2018 content marketing; you can add images or develop short videos that you can post on YouTube. If you have an old blog on how to use GIMP for graphics, repurpose it with images and turn it into a DIY webinar. If you traveled somewhere exotic and written a monograph of your adventures, this time around add images on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. There are numerous other strategies that you can use to repurpose old content.


Can All Content Be Repurposed in 2018 Content Marketing?

While repurposing content is an effective strategy to make old content fresh and new, not all content can  be repurposed effectively. For example, travel article text may be rewritten, but if you want to give the piece a new look and feel, you may need new and fresh images. Similarly, if you have a news website and you have to report news as it happens, there is no point in repurposing a news event that is already old news.

However, repurposing is useful when it comes to trending topics and subjects and issues that are always in discussion  For example, if you had written something on how to lose weight with medications, you could update these articles by talking about new surgical procedures that may also help with weight loss. Similarly, articles on celebrities and athletes can also be constantly updated as things change all the time. Articles on finance, healthcare, technology, and law can also be improved, updated and presented in new ways and formats.

Finally, a major reason why businesses may decide to repurpose content is to make sure that it is responsive to mobile users. Today the majority of the population has a mobile phone, and they use it for personal use, surfing, and business activities. If you know that your old content is not optimized for mobile devices, you should try to ensure that your 2018 content marketing activities remedy this and make all your content responsive to mobile users.

At Iris Content, we have a team of content writers you can use provide you the best content for your 2018 content marketing needs. They can help you rewrite old content, update old articles and blogs and can overall help you change your content in line with 2018 content trends. Call us today, and we will ensure that your 2018 content is high-quality, interesting and effective.

Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 20 years of experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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