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2018 Content Trends: How Much Has Blogging Actually Changed?



Content marketing has evolved slowly but 2018 content trends clearly show that the pace has increased rapidly during the past 12 months. Content marketing is expected to continue to play an important role in business marketing activities.

Initially, content marketing was primarily limited to email campaigns and basic content on websites. However, with time, it became evident that businesses would not be able to sustain traffic to their websites by simply having standardized web pages. That is when blogging was introduced.

Businesses interested in promoting their products and services saw blogs as the ultimate platform to talk about new products, product improvements on existing products, future plans, research, features, benefits and any other topic which not only related to their business activities but which would also be of interest to their audience.

Blogging has grown rapidly and 2018 content trends indicate that businesses will benefit from putting effort into ensuring their blogs are up-to-date, informative, interesting and accurate. Creating content in 2018 will no longer be limited to basic company information or a simple listing of product features and benefits but it will require businesses to be more creative and to communicate their marketing message in a manner that is both interesting for consumers and effective for marketers.

Here are some 2018 content trends in blogging and content creation tips that businesses should follow:

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Quality Over Quantity is a Must

Anybody can have a blog. But if you want to succeed at blogging, you have to make sure your blog offers quality content to your readers. Instead of blogging several times a day and just making sure that your content list is populated and overcrowded, make sure everything you deliver provides quality of information, with a fresh and unique voice.

Keep in mind that your blog is a marketing tool so you do want to keep it related to your business segment but at the same time, you have to make sure you provide your readers with something new, something interesting and something authentic on a regular basis. No matter what changes in the world of marketing, the one thing that will remain constant is the content. Content is still king and if you wish to remain at the top, you must have fresh and unique content.

 Use A Combination Of Audio And Video

While high-quality content remains the most important element of a successful blog, you should ensure that you support this content with high-quality and relevant images and videos. These additional tools can enhance the value of your content and can also play a big role in keeping your audience engaged.

Promote Through Interviews and Guest Posts

You can put more variety in your blogs by conducting interviews with leading personalities and opinion leaders in your particular business segment. This can really add credibility to your blog and will also generate more interest among your target audience. In addition, asking key players in your segment to contribute to your blog can also improve readership for your blog. 2018 content trends are expected to see more contribution from opinion leaders and key players.

Educate the Consumer

Consumers want to learn and be educated. That is why blogs are no longer used for giving a sales pitch. Provide your audience useful information about your product or service. The internet is overloaded with all types of misleading information. The onus is on you to present material which is authentic, fresh, unique and true.

 Be Transparent

There was a time when content marketing was associated with hints of deceit and lack of transparency. 2018 content trends will require content on your blogs to be more transparent. Consumers today are well-informed and knowledgeable. This does not mean you cannot market your products and services. You can but just be more honest and open about it. For example, If you hire a celebrity to talk about your company, make sure that your audience knows that there are no behind-the-scenes payments or gifts involved. Celebrity influencers in the past have been found to be notorious for being dishonest and only promoting products in return for money.

Use Social Media to Share Your Business Experience

Anyone who is into content marketing should know by now that going social is the way to reach large audiences. Keep an active website, create your business profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Be active on social media and try to engage with your audience. Like and respond to comments, answer any queries promptly and be responsive and engaging with your customers. Be active on Twitter. Add followers who are likely to be interested in your business activities and your products and services. Social media is an excellent platform to engage with your audience and to build long-term relationships with your key customers.

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